• Site Policy

Site Policy

Article 1 (Purpose)

This Soka University website (hereinafter “Site”) is to be used exclusively for the purpose of educational, research and related academic objectives, as well as for the administration and operations of the university. A concurrent purpose of this Site is to facilitate and enhance Soka University’s development and institutionalization of information technology.

Article 2 (Administration)

The chairperson of the Website Committee (hereinafter “Committee”) is responsible for the operation and management of this Site. The Committee’s Website Working Group is tasked to determine the day-to-day decisions regarding the administration of this Site, while the actual task of its operation carried out by the Information Systems Department.

Article 3 (Accountability)

Soka University disavows any accountability, legal or other, for the use of this Site; the user of this Site alone is responsible for the following:
  1. Use of content provided on this Site
  2. Use of information and services provided on this Site
  3. Any loss or damages incurred as a result of using this Site

Article 4 (Eligibility)

The content and services provided by this Site is limited to and addressed specifically for parties relevant to Soka University, Soka Women’s College and related campus agencies.

Article 5 (Prohibited Conditions)

The following points are prohibited under the terms of use of this Site:
  1. Creating content that significantly libels the reputation of Soka University
  2. Provide information that goes against public order and ethical standards
  3. Content that defames or threatens any individual
  4. Engage in criminal acts by exploiting content provided by this Site
  5. Engage in unauthorized use of personal information
  6. Unauthorized and/or prohibited use of personal ID and passwords
  7. Forgery and falsification of information
  8. Infringement of copyrights and intellectual property rights
  9. Any commercial or profit-seeking act related to the use and viewing of this Site
  10. Any other acts that halt or harass the normal maintenance and operation of this Site

Article 6 (Right to Investigation)

Should any of the prohibited acts stipulated in Article 5 occur, or is likely to occur, the Committee has the authority to investigate the infringement or possible infringement.

Article 7 (Sanctions)

Upon investigation of a prohibited act and its confirmation as an infringement of Article 5, the Committee is granted the authority to prevent the perpetrator from future use of the Site; or, given the magnitude of the infringement, take the necessary steps to seek legal action and redress against the perpetrator.