The South Asia Research Center at Soka University aims to promote research and academic exchange between Japan and South Asia. The center is based on the founding spirit of the University to ‘Be the Cradle of a New Culture.’

Specifically, the Center will promote the following academic initiatives:
  1. Research and study of South Asia-migration and connections,
  2. Study of peace, human rights, the environment and development linked to UNDP's sustainable development goals,
  3. Construction of academic and educational networks in collaboration with researchers and research institutions in Japan and South Asia, and
  4. Strengthening of academic/educational/cultural institutions and industry-academia collaboration that share the above objectives.


The South Asia Research Center, Soka University was established in 2019 to promote mutual research and academic exchange between Japan and South Asia. Since its inception, it has provided symposia, lectures, online discussions, and opportunities to the academic community.

Research Organization and Staff

Ryohei Tanaka

Position  :  Director of SARC, Professor, Executive Vice President of Soka University
Major  :  Area studies, European literature, Foreign language education

Mukesh Williams

Position  :  Professor, Advisor
Major  :  American and South Asian Studies and their literatures

Masaru Osanai

Position  :  Professor
Major  :  University Management

Isao Takagi

Position  :  Professor
Major  :  Economics

Masaki Yamaoka

Position  :  Professor
Major  :  Japanese Studies

Kaoru Kinoshita

Position  :  Professor
Major  :  English Literature

Ui Teramoto

Position  :  Lecturer
Major  :  Modern Asian History, South Asian Area Studies

Administrative Staff

Motomu Aota

Position  :  Executive Director for University Administration

Hiroki Shimoide

Position  :  Administrative Director of Global Core Center

Tushita Arora

Position  :  Staff Global Core Center

Office  :  Global Core Center