Lecture by Mr. Yoshinobu Tatewaki, from the Asian Development Bank (ADB)

2021/06/03 11:20

Lecture by Mr. Yoshinobu Tatewaki, from the Asian Development Bank (ADB)

SDGs Course Taught by Visiting Lecturers

Mr. Tatewaki, who works with the ADB, conducted a lecture titled “Power of Business- Essential to Economic Development and Achieving SDGs” for the IBSP students on May 19, 2021.

He graduated from Soka University in 1993. Though he faced financial hardship as a student and worked as he studied, he successfully passed the highly competitive national exam, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), in Japan. The experience forged through his tough life on SOKA University campus as a student became his self-motivation to want to fight against poverty with an aim to protect human dignity and work for peace. (*1)

He introduced a speech “Peace and Business” delivered by Dr. Daisaku Ikeda at the University of Philippines on April 21, 1991, suggesting “fairness” as a spiritual backbone of businesspersons who aim to contribute to peace.

Businesses are essential for successful regional economic development. Businesses enhance efficiency, spread cutting-edge know-how, empower people, and create sustainable business models. He introduced one example, the Khadi(*2) reform program in India which was supported by ADB. Through various business analysis, policy changes, and IT system enhancement, the Khadi reform program achieved changes and improvements in the village industries in India, and peoples’ lives. The program brought about more profits and employment opportunities, empowerment of women, higher education for children, self-confidence, and hope for many lives in rural areas of India.
*1 After working with an international accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and with an international organization in New York, he has worked with ADB for 14 years since 2007.  From March 2019, he assumed the position of Assistant Controller, Loan Administration Division, Controller’s Department in Manila, ADB headquarters. The lecture was intended to share his experiences and perspectives, and not to represent ADB.

*2 The device Khadi refers to a hand-spun and hand-woven cloth, and a symbol of the self-reliant spirit of India. Mahatma Gandhi once said it was “the symbol of economic freedom and equality”.
This was a good example of development finance for poverty alleviation contributed to SDGs, among others; No Poverty (Goal 1), Gender Equality (Goal 5), Decent Work and Economic Growth (Goal 8), Industry, Innovation, Infrastructure (Goal 9), Reduced Inequality (Goal 10), Responsible Consumption and Production (Goal 12) and Partnerships for the Goals (Goal 17).
At last, the lecture was concluded with three remarks to the students; to accomplish one thing first, one has to be tough and never give up, and to seek a great mentor.

The excerpts of comments from the students who attended are as follows.
  • “The Special Lecture done by Mr. Tatewaki was very informative in that he not only gave us a deeper understanding of the work done by the Asian Development Bank, but he also gave us some insights with regards to his own experience as a student and as a professional.”
  • “Before this lecture, I did not have many insights about what and how ADB does to help the community, as I never came across such an organization before joining IBSP. After the lecture, I had a better understanding of ADB and started thinking to myself that what can I do to serve society when I graduate next year? As mentioned by Mr. Tatewaki, it is important to define one’s mission in life, and believe that we will be able to contribute in a bigger way while we can. This really gave me a boost in my heart about what I can do better. As of now, I could not know for sure and how to go about it yet, but it is never too late to start discovering my [life] mission from now.
  • “Thank you for taking the efforts to conduct such an informative, motivating, and interactive lecture on how businesses impact economic development. Hearing your personal background motivated me personally as well others to not give up and fight with resilience and resolve.”
  • “After I listened to Tatewaki's speech, I think what I should do is to help others and make the world a better place. I should not always be concerned about making money. Humanity's love might also be a good thing for me to pursue. ”
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