Academic Program

Academic Program

The International Business Studies Program is a Master’s Program with a duration of 2 years, and a degree conferred upon completion of the program is Master of Economics.
Students can choose courses and areas according to individual interests and purpose from the three broad areas of study below.

Schedule of the International Business Studies Program

The orientation session provides students with advice on academic and research planning to complete their compulsory as well as selected courses. In the first year, students take mainly “Required Courses” and “Elective Required Courses”, and in the second year, students take mainly “Elective Courses”. Students will acquire the latest professional knowledge, advance and further their research in phases, and eventually, complete their research paper.

Advisors will guide students in their course registration. An advisor will be allocated by the department based on student ranked preferences according to availability and other administrative criteria in the orientation held after enrollment. Afterward, instructors of “Supervised Research Paper” will supervise students in completing a Research Paper. At that time, the instructors will take over the role of advisors. In the mid-term open debriefing sessions, feedback will be provided by attending faculty members other than the instructors, and discussions/questions among graduate student audience members are encouraged, supporting the graduate students' independent research activities from various perspectives.

The research supervising process will be provided in the following schedule.
Schedule of Research Supervising Process

1st Year


The orientation session provides students with advice on academic and research planning.

Course registration based on the advice of advisors

September - January

Lecture Courses


Course registration based on the advice of advisors

April to July

Lecture Courses

2nd Year


Course registration based on the advice of advisors

September - January

Lecture Courses


Selection of the Instructor for “Supervised Research Paper”


Submission of the title of Master’s thesis and Research Advising Plan Form signed by an instructor


Course registration based on the advice of instructors

April - July

Lecture Courses

 “Supervised Research Paper” for the International Business Studies Program


At the mid-term open debriefing session, students will report the outline of their research paper, the current progress, and further research plan. Advice from instructors and other faculty members will be provided.


Submission of Research Paper

Research paper evaluation and final exam (oral defense)


Conferral of a degree


List of Courses

Required Courses

  • Research Ethics (1 credit)
  • Supervised Research Paper (2 credits)

Required Elective Courses (3 courses / 6 credits)

  • Principle of Business Economics (2 credits)
  • Business Statistics (2 credits)
  • Accounting (2 credits)
  • SDGs Workshop (2 credits)

Elective Courses (12 courses / 24 credits)

Accounting & Finance Area
  • Financial Accounting (2 credits)
  • Management Accounting (2 credits)
  • Financial Management (2 credits)
  • Quantitative Finance (2 credits)
  • Operations Research (2 credits)
  • Business Ethics (2 credits)
  • Investments (2 credits)
Management & Strategy Area
  • Management Strategy (2 credits)
  • Marketing (2 credits)
  • Production Management (2 credits)
  • Quantitative Finance (2 credits)
  • Business Ethics (2 credits)
  • Cross-Cultural Management (2 credits)
  • Human Resource Management (2 credits)
  • Time Series Analysis (2 credits)
  • Theory and Practice of Corporate Governance (2 credits)
International Business & Economics Area
  • Business Economics (2 credits)
  • Fiscal Policy (2 credits)
  • Monetary Policy (2 credits)
  • Business in Emerging Economies (2 credits)
  • International Trade (2 credits)
  • Environmental Economics (2 credits)
  • Japanese Economic History (2 credits)
  • Economic Developments of Japan and Asia (2 credits)
  • International Human Resource Management (2 credits)
  • Topics in Business Economics I (2 credits)
  • Topics in Business Economics II (2 credits)
  • Topics in Business Economics III (2 credits)

*Students will complete a Research Paper under the supervision of academic advisors in their final semester.

Course Syllabus

Please take a look at the curriculum table and the syllabus of the IBSP courses below.
*Note: Please search a syllabus by a course name.

Sample Titles of Past Research Papers

  •  A study on the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility activities on company performance in Singapore: A regression analysis on sustainability reporting and its effect on performance indicators
  •  The Economic Ripple Effects of Tourism Industry and its Impact on Job Creation in Brunei Darussalam: An Input -Output Analysis
  •  Value-at-Risk Analysis via Range-based Multivariate GARCH Models
  •  Sustainable Consumption and Production in Japan's Food supply chain. A Conceptual Framework
  •  The relationship between corporate environmental responsibility and brand strength
  •  A study of ethical reflection in recruitment that affects global supply management
  •  Gentrification Policies in Low-Income Neighborhoods: The Socio-Economic Impact on U.S. and Japanese Case Studies
  •  Value Enhancement of an organization through Mergers and Acquisition and the factors that affect the value addition