2023/11/30 15:38

Presentation at International Leadership Association Global Conference

    The experience at the 25th International Leadership Association (ILA) Global Conference held in Vancouver, Canada, was profoundly fulfilling for Lye Ke Yeng and Flore Ghetti, representing the SIPS program's 6th and 5th batch, respectively.

    Lye Ke Yeng's presentation, centered around "Dance Improvisation: A New Approach to Authentic Leadership," allowed her to showcase the innovative use of dance improvisation in developing authentic leadership among university students. The positive response to their proposal, highlighting the importance of creating a safe space for students to explore and build confidence through dance, resonated well within the academic community.

    Similarly, Flore Ghetti's presentation on "Leadership Education and A Culture of Peace: Reclaiming Purpose" provided valuable insights into the development of student leadership identity and its contribution to a culture of peace. The research's emphasis on self-awareness, purpose, and the professor's role in creating a supportive learning environment struck a chord with the audience, showcasing the relevance and impact of her work.

    Overall, the conference experience allowed them to not only share their findings but also to engage with the academic community, receive feedback, and contribute meaningfully to the discourse on leadership education. The exposure gained at the conference has likely opened doors for further collaboration, discussion, and exploration of their research within the broader academic landscape.

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