Purpose and Educational Goals


The main purpose of establishing the new master’s program, the School of International Peace Studies, at Soka University is to cultivate creative global citizens who will lead the international society as it experiences unprecedented changes through the acceleration of globalization. The establishment of the new master’s course constitutes a major part of the Global Core Initiatives of Soka University’s Top Global University program. The Top Global University Project was launched by the Japanese ministry of education (MEXT) in 2014, selecting 37 Japanese universities including Soka University to enhance the international compatibility and competitiveness of higher education in Japan.

Educational goals

The School of International Peace Studies aims to cultivate professionally trained specialists who possess knowledge and skills necessary to design and initiate concrete and realistic policies or programs in various fields. For the realization of its educational goals, the school offers programs in International Relations, which primarily considers conflicts among nation states, and Peace Studies, which deals with various types of conflicts among state and non-state actors.