SIPS Alumni: Juliana Platero from Brazil. Graduate Year: 2022


Journey of Growth at SIPS: Fostering Peace through Education

    Juliana Platero, a proud graduate of Soka University's Graduate School of International Peace Studies (SIPS) from Brazil. Education runs in her family, and her passion for becoming an educator grew stronger over time. In 2019, she had a transformative encounter with a SIPS alumni, whose insights made her wonder about the connection between peace and education. With the education sector facing huge challenges because of the political climate in her country, Juliana was motivated to seek a program that could empower her to make a difference.

    Throughout her journey at SIPS, balancing work and studies proved to be the biggest challenge. Due to financial constraints and the limitations posed by the pandemic, Juliana persevered, tried her best in adjusting her schedules and was unwilling to let her studies be compromised. The supportive and united community at SIPS was a constant source of encouragement for her.

    The SIPS program has undoubtedly laid a strong foundation for Juliana. It was during this time that she crossed paths with her partner, Anais, and together established their non-profit organization, Correnteza. Building upon the knowledge and experiences acquired at Soka University, Juliana and Anais have channeled their expertise into training teachers in peace education through their organization. The invaluable teachings and practices from SIPS have played a pivotal role in shaping their approach to classroom inclusion, fostering respect for discussion, and cultivating an environment conducive to student learning.


    Juliana's message to current and prospective SIPS students is to embrace the life-changing experiences that Soka University offers. Carry the purpose of Soka Education and strive for peace in everything we do. Embrace the friendships, the cultural exchange, and the embodiment of Soka Education in our daily life. Remember that each and everyone of us possess the power to build peace through our actions, no matter how small.