SIPS Alumni: Felipe Ken Iti Iwahashi Nationality: Brazil/Japan Graduate Year: 2023

2023/10/12 15:02

Journey of Growth at SIPS:Inspiring Peace Educators

    Felipe, a 2023 graduate of Soka University's Graduate School of International Peace Studies (SIPS), proudly identified himself as a peace educator. His journey through SIPS has not only influenced his career but has also empowered him to become a change-maker in the field of peace education. Felipe was drawn to Soka University's unique humanistic education approach and saw SIPS as the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into International Relations (IR) while experiencing Soka's educational philosophy firsthand.

    Through SIPS, Felipe learned to challenge his self-doubts and helped him realize his potential. He achieved significant milestones during his SIPS journey, including the publication of his undergraduate capstone on Brazil’s nuclear disarmament policy and receiving the prestigious MEXT scholarship from the Japanese government. Furthermore, a pivotal moment in Felipe's growth was his Master's thesis. Exploring the divisive issue of political polarization in his home country, he sought ways to build bridges between opposing factions. This research wasn't just academic because it was an opportunity for him to put peace-building principles into practice.

    SIPS not only equipped Felipe for his current career but also laid the foundation for his ongoing studies at Soka University of America (SUA), where he is currently pursuing a second master's degree in Educational Leadership for Societal Change. This showcases how SIPS provided him with a comprehensive understanding of peace, highlighting that education plays a vital role in the broader vision of peace.

    Felipe's journey through SIPS allowed him to understand himself, his aspirations, and how he wants to uniquely contribute to world peace. Felipe’s message to current and prospective SIPS students is that SIPS enables all of you to explore diverse possibilities and discover your unique path to making a meaningful impact on global peace. If you're searching for a transformative journey that equips you to be a change-maker in the realm of peace education, Soka University's Graduate School of International Peace Studies is the ideal place to start.

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