Fostering Strength of Character through the Liberal Arts and the Soka Core Program
The Faculty of Nursing aims to develop students’ strength of character through a well-rounded education provided through the Soka Core Program, in which students develop their humanity, acquire expertise, cultivate an ethical foundation and sense of life-purpose, as well as hone their reasoning abilities, communication skills, and motivation.
A Curriculum for the Development of Advanced Practical Nursing Skills
The curriculum of the Faculty of Nursing fosters nurses capable of demonstrating expert knowledge and the solid practical nursing skills required in the broad field of medical treatment and nursing.
Fostering Nurses with a Global Mindset
The Faculty of Nursing carries out practical English language education, in which classes are divided according to the learning level. The faculty also enables students to study abroad at affiliated hospitals and the facilities of overseas partner institutions. In this way, the faculty develops global-minded nurses with English language proficiency and a first-hand understanding of cultural diversity.