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  • Short-term training for SATREPS-EARTH Project Theme 3 (sub-theme 3-3)


Short-term training for SATREPS-EARTH Project Theme 3 (sub-theme 3-3)

   From November 30th, 2022 to January 27th, 2023, a short-term training on Sub-theme 3-3 “Soil improvement and crop production” under Theme 3 "Development of valuables production system” was held.

   Mr. ASHENAFEI Gezahegn Adamu, A doctoral student from Bahir Dar University, participated in this training. His research topics in Ethiopia are the effects of land application with biochar and compost on crop yield and soil nutrients. In this short-term training in Japan, he analyzed biochar and soil property and deepened his knowledge and technique of handling equipment, sample collection, analysis, and laboratory management.
   On January 3rd, he experienced the first shrine visit of the year, which is part of Japanese traditional culture, called Hatsumode.

   Thanks to the efforts of many people, the training was meaningful without incident though the training lasted about two months.