Water hyacinth overgrown in Lake Tana, Ethiopia, has been causing various problems. This project aims to build a modern “African Satoumi recycling society” that achieves both environmental conservation and economic development by producing valuable products such as biochar and nutritious superfood "Spirulina" utilizing those aquatic plants.
This project consists of four themes. Three Japanese agencies, Soka University, The University of Shiga Prefecture, and Lake Biwa Environmental Research Institute, and three Ethiopian agencies, Bahir Dar University, Injibara University, and Lake Tana and Other Water bodies Protection and Development Agency, are working together on each theme for the success of the project.

Project Themes

Logo Concept

The recycling mark in “EARTH”, acronym of this project title, means that this project aims to build a sustainable recycling society through proper management of the lake environment. The green African continent represents the green “African Satoumi recycling society”. The word “Ethiopia” is written in both English and Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia, to make the project familiar to the Ethiopian people. The star from the Ethiopian flag and the rising sun from the Japanese flag on both sides of the JICA-JST SATREPS signify a desire of both countries closely working together for the success of this project.

Contribute to Sustainable Development Goals