Development of valuable products production system


Effective utilization of the waste discharged from the anaerobic digestion process of water hyacinth will be researched and developed. The liquid waste from anaerobic digestion using pressed liquid of water hyacinth, called anaerobic digestion effluent (ADE), is used to cultivate microalgae (Spirulina) and to grow leafy vegetables hydroponically. The high food productivity would be obtained by efficiently converting the nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, in the ADE into food biomass. We will also develop a technology to improve crop production in the field by applying biochar made from the solid waste after pressing the water hyacinth, or by combining biochar with ADE.

Technical features of the theme

The characteristic of ADE varies greatly depending on the substrate (water hyacinth in this study). In this project, we will develop a method to adjust ADE as a suitable fertilizer for microalgae and vegetable cultivation. The adjusted ADE will be used to establish efficient cultivation of a large amount of Spirulina and highly profitable vegetables. For the biochar application to the field, soil improvement methods will be developed in order to increase crop yields. In addition, the utilization of ADE as a soil fertilizer component will also be investigated. Finally, the profitability obtained from the selection of these valuable materials will be investigated.

Institution in charge and members

Japanese side

School of Environmental Science, The University of Shiga Prefecture: Syuhei Ban, Naoki Hata, Xin Liu
Institute of Plankton Eco-engineering, Soka University: Ken Furuya, Yoshiki Takayama
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Soka university: Shinjiro Sato, Tatsuki Toda, Mutsumi Sekine

Ethiopian side

Faculty of Agriculture, Bahir Dar University: Minwyelet Mingist, Amare Mezgebu, Alemu Abate, Solomon Girmay, Endalew Alemu, Tadele Yeshowas, Ayalew Wondie(Director, LTaWPDA)
Faculty of Biology, Bahir Dar University: Hirut Assaye
Injibara University: Ayirkm Adugna, Desalew Fente, Bulti Kumera, Berhanu Belay, Ewunetu Tazebew

Dividing responsibilities between the Japanese and Ethiopian sides

Japanese side

Microalgae cultivation: Ban, Furuya, Toda, Liu, Takayama, Sekine 
Vegetable nutrient solution cultivation: Hata (leader), Ban, Liu, 
Soil improvement/Crop production: Sato (leader)

Ethiopian side

Microalgae cultivation: Amare (leader), Mankul, Ayirkm, Hirut, Ayalew, Minwyelet, Bulti
Vegetable nutrient solution cultivation: Alemu (leader), Tadele, Endalew
Soil improvement/Crop production: Desalew (leader), Berhanu, Solomon, Ewunetu