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  • Summary of research achievements in 2022


Summary of research achievements in 2022

The research achievements of the SATREPS-EARTH project in 2022 were summarized.

In 2022, the project was able to present 13 original papers, 1 invited lecture, 12 international conference presentations, 12 domestic conference presentations, and 1 award.
In particular, there are many contributions by graduate students or faculty members under the age of 35 as the lead authors as 7 original papers, 8 international conference presentations, 10 domestic conference presentations, and 1 award have been published.

Last year, we were able to dispatch researchers from Japan and accept researchers from Ethiopia.
Although there are still challenges such as the lack of drone transport and the time it takes to procure and transport the provided equipment, this fiscal year, we will develop a “pilot facility”, a connection for a series of systems from processing water hyacinth collected in Lake Tana to producing valuables. In order to achieve the construction, operation, and stable operation of the pilot facility, we will further strengthen cooperation inside and outside the project.