Toward 2021 and Beyond-- Soka University’s Grand Design


Yoshihisa Baba President Soka University
President Yoshihisa Baba
While still ripe with promise, the 21st century remains as challenging and problematic as the previous century. The field of education is no exception. Indeed, the need to develop individuals armed with the skills, aptitude and commitment to prevail over personal adversity and engage in the service to better society is greater than ever.

This is the immutable mission of Soka University, whose purpose have been embodied by the foundational principles set forth by its founder, Daisaku Ikeda, since 1971. Our overriding objective is to foster creative and contributive individuals who will generate new constructive value in every facet of society. Soka University’s Grand Design Initiative was launched in 2010 specifically to facilitate this goal and effort as we head towards our golden anniversary in 2021.

Building on the traditions of success and excellence that we have established over the past fifty years, all of us at Soka University—from the students to members of the faculty and administration—will come together, marshal our insights and develop new, creative solutions and visions to add to and advance further these traditions.