Distinguished Guests 2007

  • Monday, April 2nd
    [Federative Republic of Brazil] Brazilian Academy of Philosophy
    [People’s Republic of China] Central China Normal University Professor Zhang Kaiyuan
    [Republic of India] Former Curator of the National Gandhi Museum Dr. N. Radhakrishnan Attended the Entrance Ceremony
  • Tuesday April 17th
    [United States of America] University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Chancellor Carlos Santiago
  • Wednesday April 18th ※Photograph
    [People's Republic of China] Harbin Engineering University Professor Bi Zhihua
  • Thursday April 26th
    [People's Republic of China] Zhejiang University College of Animal Science Professor Wu
  • Sunday May 5th ※photograph
    [People's Republic of China] Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences Assistant Director Yi Ming、Li Chen-Fu(Dun Huang Art)
    [Republic of Macedonia] Macedonian Academy
    Attends the Soka Education Alumni Reunion
  • Thursday May 24th
    [Arab Republic of Egypt] Egyptian Ambassador to Japan Hisham Mohamed Mostafa Badr
  • Friday May 25th
    [Republic of Korea] Seoul National University Professor Chong-Suh Kim
  • Monday, May 28th
    [People's Republic of China] Hebei University International Exchange Center Director Jiang Huanzhu
  • Tuesday, ※Photograph
    [United Kingdom] University of Glasgow, Dr. J. Forbes Munro
  • Friday, June 1st
    [Russian Federation]  Russian State University for the Humanities Rector Efim I. Pivovar
  • Monday, June 4th
    [Canada] Université Laval Dr. Marcel Monette
  • Tuesday, June 6th
    [People's Republic of China] Xu JinPin China-Japan Friendship Organization Secretaries Office, Soka University Chinese International Student Japan Visiting Group
  • Monday, June 11th ※Photograph
    [Russian Federation] Former President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Wednesday, June 13th
    [United States of America] The Center for Dewey Studies Center Director Dr. Larry Hickman
  • Thursday, June 14th
    [People's Republic of China] Zhaoqing University Former Party Chairman Bin –Tao Zheng
  • Wednesday, June 20th
    [People's Republic of China] Sun Yat-sen University Educational Foundation Chariman Yan-Bao Li
  • Friday, June 22nd
    [Republic of Indonesia] Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Dr. Jusuf Anwar
  • Saturday, June 23rd
    [Republic of Peru] Universidad Nacional del Santa Rector Esteban Horna Bances
  • Thursday, June 28th※Photograph
    [Republic of South Africa] Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ngubane
  • Monday, July 2nd ※Photograph
    [Republic of Bulgaria] Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education and Science Daniel Valchev
  • Wednesday, July 4th
    [Sakha Republic (Yakutia)]  Yakut State Agricultural Academy Rector Leonid N. Vladimirov
  • Friday, July 6th
    [Republic of Korea]  Cheju National University Professor JinHo Kim
  • Monday, July 9th ※Photograph
    [Russian Federation]  Far Eastern State Technical University  Executive Advisor Dr. Gennady P. Turmov
  • Monday, July 9th
    [United Kingdom] University of Glasgow  Professor Michael Moss, Dr. James Currall
  • Wednesday July 18th
    [Republic of Indonesia]  Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Dr. Jusuf Anwar
  • Tuesday, July 24th
    [Republic of Turkey]  Ankara University Chairman of Japanese Language and Literature Ayse Nur Tekmen
  • Wednesday July 25th
    [People's Republic of China] Zhejiang University Physics Education Academy Department Chair Xin-Cheng Yan
  • Thursday, August 2nd
     [United Kingdom] Queen’s University Belfast Professor Satish Kumar
  • Monday, August 20th
     [People’s Republic of China]  Shenzhen Polytechnic Institute Assistant Director Ji Chang Xian
  • Monday, September 10th
     [Republic of India] (Indira Gandhi) National Centre for the Arts, Member Secretary and Executive Trustee, Chakravarty
  • Thursday, September 13th
     [Republic of the Philippines] University of Southeastern Philippines Outgoing President Dr. Julieta I. Ortiz
  • Saturday, September 22nd
     [Republic of Uzbekistan] Navoiy Mayor Bakhtiyor I. Khamdamov
  • Friday, October 5th
    [Japan]  Sakai City Museum in Osaka Curator Sakae Tsunoyama
  • Saturday, October 6th
     [People’s Republic of China]  Shanxi Normal University President Fang Yu、Delegation from the All-China Women's Federation
  • Monday, October 8th ※Photograph
     [United Mexican States]  University Center for Humanistic Integration Rector María del Pilar Galindo de Cordero
  • Wednesday, October 10th
     [Federative Republic of Brazil]  Faculdade Ingá Uningá Professor Francisco Tan
  • Friday, October 12th
     [United States of America]  College of Charleston Department of Economics Chairman Robert Pitt
  • Saturday, October 13th
     [Republic of Bulgaria]  Bulgarian Ambassador to Japan Blagovest Hristov Sendov
  • Thursday, October 18th
     [People’s Republic of China] Ying Wang Cao Director of the Zhao Enlai Institute
  • Sunday, October 21st
     [People’s Republic of China] China Youth University for Political Sciences  First Vice President Ni Bangwen、China National Acrobatic Troupe Japan Visiting Group Honorary Group Head Dun Quan Jing
  • Tuesday, October 23rd ※Photograph
     [Hong Kong] The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chancellor Lawrence Lau
  • Wednesday, October 24th
     [Mongolia] Mongolian State University of Education Rector B. Jadambaa
  • Thursday, October 25th
     [People’s Republic of China] Liaoning Normal University Rector Qing Biao Qu
  • Friday, October 26th
     [Republic of India] Dr. Abd Hussein
  • Friday, October 26th
     [Kingdom of Norway]Dr, Johan Galtung
  • Monday, November 5th
     [People’s Republic of China] Jiangsu Province Youth Joint Association  Jiangsu Province Vice President Hai Bin Shen
  • Monday, November 12th
     [People’s Republic of China] Beijing Changping Representative Group  Beijing Changping Ward Mayor Cheng Hua Wan
  • Tuesday, November 20th
     [People’s Republic of China] Beijing University Guanghua School of Management Executive Management Training Course Representative Group Deputy Professor Keng Wang Beijing University History Department Deputy Professor Keng Wang
  • Wednesday, November 21st ※Photograph
     [People’s Republic of China] Huaqiao University Chancellor Cheng Ye Wu
  • Thursday, November 29th
     [Mongolia] Mongolian University of Science and Technology Vice President G.Davaarjagal
  • Thursday, November 29th
     [People’s Republic of China] Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics School of Materials Science and Engineering Director Tao Zhang
  • Friday, November 30th ※Photograph
     [People’s Republic of China]  Wenzhou Medical College Council Chair Dr. Qiu Yi
  • Friday, November 30th
     [Kingdom of Sweden] Peace Scholar Dr, Jan Oberg
  • Monday, December 3rd
     [United States of America] University of IdahoProfessor NickGier
  • December 3-5th
     [Malaysia] University of Malaya Malaysia Chinese Research Center  Prof. Boon P.K. and wife
  • Tuesday, December 4th
     [Russian Federation] Russian Ambassador to Japan Mihail Mihailovich Bely
  • Saturday, December 8th
     [Kingdom of Denmark]  Haderslev Teachers Training College Associate Professor Iben
  • Monday, December 10th
     [Republic of Indonesia] Indonesian Ambassador to Japan Anwar
  • Monday, December 17th ※Photograph
     [People’s Republic of China] Shanghai Normal University
  • Monday, December 17th
     [United States of America] Nuclear Age Peace Foundation President, David Krieger
  • Tuesday, December 18th ※Photograph
     [Islamic Republic of Afghanistan] Afghanistan House of Representatives, Representative Akbary
  • Saturday, December 22nd
    [Republic of Korea] Cheju National University Former Chancellor Moonbu Cho, Aichi Gakuin University Professor Shingeon Ju
    [Russian Federation] Russian Embassy Minister Garujin
  • Wednesday, December 26th
    [Russian Federation] Moscow State University School of State Management Healthcare Department Head Mikhail Sokoloff
  • Friday, January 18th
    [Republic of Indonesia] Education and Culture Department Head Edison Munaf
  • Saturday, January 19th
    [Dominican Republic]Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo Rector Roberto A. Reyna Tejada
  • Monday, January 21st ※Photograph
    [Taiwan] Yunlin University of Science & Technology Chancellor Cong Ming Lin
  • Saturday, January 26th ※Photograph
    [Republic of the Phillipines] Laguna State Polytechnic University President Ricardo A. Wagan
  • Tuesday, February 19th
    [Republic of Indonesia] Indonesia University of Education Head of Research and Development and school Vice President Kaedal Arwashila
  • Saturday, March 1st ※Photograph
    [People’s Republic of China] Hunan University of Science and Technology President Tian Yinhuan
  • Friday, March 14th
    [People’s Republic of China] Bing Xin Museum Director Bing Gen Wang
  • Saturday March 15th ※Photograph
    [Russian Federation] International Association of Children's Foundations, Moscow, Russia President Albert A. Likhanov
  • Thursday, March 20th
    [Republic of India] Soka Ikeda College of Arts and Science For Women Chairman Sethu Kumanan
  • Friday, March 21st
    [Kyrgyz Republic] I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University Rector Askarbek Bekboev
    [Republic of India] International Academy of Indian Culture Director Lokesh Chandra
    [French Republic] Advancia School Chancellor Frank Vidal
  • Wednesday, March 26th
    [Indonesian Ambassador to Japan] Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Jusef Anwar
    [Bruneian Ambassador to Japan] Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Adonan Buntar
    [Malaysian Ambassador to Japan] Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary ラズィRashid Abdul Rahman
    [Thai Ambassador to Japan] Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiaryスヴィダヤ・シマスク
  • Thursday, March 27th
    [Kingdom of Thailand] Thammasat University Rector Prof.Dr.Surapon Nitikraipot
  • Monday, March 31st ※Photograph
    [People’s Republic of China] Jiaying University Chancellor Biao Cheng