Distinguished Guests 2010

  • April 2nd 
    [Republic of Armenia]Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts Rector Aram Issabekyan
    [Malaysia] Federation of Malaysian National Writers’ Association Ismail Hussein
    [French Republic] Advancia School Principal Frank Vidal
  • April 5th
    [People’s Republic of China] Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences President Hou Shuiping
    [People’s Republic of China] Zhejiang University President Yang Wei
  • April 6th
    [Republic of Philippines]Capitol University President Casimiro B. Juarez, Jr.
  • April 15th
    [People’s Republic of China]Xinjiang Medical University Vice President Li Bin
  • April 19th
    [Republic of Senegal] Ambassador Gabriel Alexandre Sar
  • April 20th
    [People’s Republic of China]University of Shaoxing Deputy President Shou Yongming
  • April 21st
    [Republic of Korea]Hongik University Chairman Lee, Myeon Young
  • April 23rd
    [People’s Republic of China]Shaanxi Normal University Party Secretary Jiang Xiule
  • April 27th
    [People’s Republic of China]Peking University Former President Xu Zhihong
  • May 4th
    [Canada] Université Laval Rector Denis Brière
    [Taiwan] Chinese Culture University Chairman Chang Jen-Hu
  • May 28th
    [People’s Republic of China]Beijing City University Professor Fu Zhengtai
  • June 4th
    [People’s Republic of China]Renowned artists of the traditional two-stringed erhu, Wang Gutong
  • June 7th
    [Arab Republic of Egypt] Ambassador H.E. Dr. Walid Abdelnasser
  • June 8th
    [People’s Republic of China]Ningbo University Vice President Feng Zhimin
  • June 9th
    [People’s Republic of China]Zhejiang Ocean University Vice President Song Fujun
  • June 11th
    [People’s Republic of China] Dalian Polytechnic University President Yu Jiayou
  • June 19th
    [Republic of Philippines]Ramos Peace and Development Foundation Former President Fidel Ramos
  • June 28th
    [United States of America]George Mason University Provost Peter N. Stearns
  • July 2nd
    [Taiwan]National Taiwan University of Arts President Huang Kuang-Nan
  • July 29th
    [Taiwan]National University of Kaohsiung President Dr. Ing-Chung Huang
  • August 17th
    [Kyrgyz Republic] Osh Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute Rector Kanybek Abduvasitovich Isakov
    [Kyrgyz Republic] Osh Agricultural Institute Rector Seitbek Yusupovich Amatov
  • September 6th
    [Kingdom of Thailand]Thammasat University Rector Surapon Nitikraipot
  • September 8th
    [Republic of Chile] Pedro de Valdivia University Rector Ángel Maulén Ríos
  • September 10th
    [Russian Federation]UNESCO-approved Professors Club Founder Dr. Gennady P. Turmov tate
  • October 9th
    [Republic of the Philippines]University of Southern Mindanao President Jesus Antonio G. Derije
  • October 13th
    [Ireland]Irish Association for Cultural, Economic, Social Relations Professor Pauline Murphy
  • October 13th
    [Dominican Republic]Science Academy of the Dominican Republic President Nelson Moreno-Ceballos
  • October 15th
    [Republic of Djibouti]Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ahmed Araita Ali
  • October 19th
    [People’s Republic of China]Jiaying University President Qiu GuoFeng
  • November 21st
    [United States of America]University of Massachusetts Boston Chancellor Keith Motley, Ph.D
  • December 1st
    [People’s Republic of China]Dalian Maritime University Vice President and Director of University Affairs Committee Prof. Dr. Wang Zhaohe
  • March 2nd
    [Kyrgyz Republic] Kyrgyz-Russian Academy of Education Rector Chinara A. Shakeeva