Distinguished Guests 2012

  • April 2nd
    [China] His Excellency Mr. Cheng Yonghua, Ambassador of Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan
  • April 2nd
    [China] Liaoning Normal University President Qu Qingbiao
  • April 2nd
    [China] Central University of Finance and Economics Vice President Li Junsheng
  • April 2nd
    [France] Novancia Executive Director Anne Stefanini
  • April 10th
    [China] Shaoxing Luxun Museum Director Yu Hong
  • April 11th
    [Taiwan] Taipei College of Maritime Technology President Liu Tingyan
  • May 6th
    [Peru] Technological University of Peru Founding President Roger Amuruz Gallegos
  • May 8th
    [China] Guizhou Normal University President Wu Pengcheng
  • June 7th
    [Armenia] President Serzh Sargsyan of the Republic of Armenia
  • June 13th
    [China] Bohai University President Yang Yandong
  • June 21st
    [Mexico] His Excellency Ambassador Claude Heller of Embassy of Mexico in Japan
  • June 27th
    [Indonesia] Former First Lady Shinta Nuriyah
  • June 29th
    [China] Dalian Polytechnic University President Zou Jiyan
  • September 12th
    [Canada] University of Guelph President Alastair Summerlee
  • September 22nd
    [Brazil] Dom Bosco College of Higher Education President Dorival Almeida Ferreira
  • October 6th
    [Bolivia] National Academy of Sciences of Bolivia Academy President Gonzalo Taboada López
  • October 6th
    [Kenya] University of Nairobi Principal Enos Njeru, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • November 13th
    [United Republic of Tanzania] Ambassador Sijaona
  • November 27th
    [Kongeriket Norge] Kongeriket Norge Peace Association:Executive director Alexander Haran
  • November 29th
    [Russian Federation] Ambassador Ebugeni-Afanassiev
  • November 30th
    [Republic of India] ANUVRAT Global Organization (ANUVIBHA),International President Dr. Sohan Lal Gandhi
  • December 6th
    [République Togolaise] Chargé d'affaires Arewabia-Derari-Akureso-Bojona
  • December 19th
    [Republic of Indonesia] Universitas Indonesia Vice President
  • February 27th
    [Kyrgyzstan] Kyrgyzstan Chinese Bunkeizai Science President Omukeewa-Jumakan
  • March 8th
    [Federal Republic of Germany] Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr
  • March 15th
    [Republic of Philippines] Nueva Vizcaya State University President Florentina S. Dumlao
  • March 21st
    [United States of America] University of Massachusetts Boston Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Winston E. Langley
  • March 21st
    [India](Soka Ikeda College of Arts & Science for Women)Chairman Sethu Kumanan