Distinguished Guests 2014

  • April 2nd
    [Taiwan] Chinese Culture University Former President Lin Tsai Mei
  • April 2nd
    [People’s Republic of China] Nankai University
  • April 24th
    [Republic of Philippines] Isabela State University President Dr. Aleth M. Mamauag
  • April 29th
    [People’s Republic of China] Beijing University Hospital HongYin Zhang
  • May 9th
    [People’s Republic of China] Ikeda thought researcher [Australian] Griffith University Vice Chancellor Sala Todd
    [Thai] Word lilac University President Kirasu-Sanguansai
  • May 12th
    [Russian Federation] Moscow State University Vice-Rector Alexeo R. Khokhlov
  • May 22nd
    [Republic of Peru] National University of Engineering Rector Dr. Aurelio Marcelo Padilla Ríos
  • May 24th
    [Republic of Turkey] Ankara University Rector Eruchan-Evas
  • May 29th
    [India] Satyendra Narayan Sinha Institute of Business Management NARENDRA PRASAD SINGH
  • June 13th
    [People’s Republic of China] Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan His Excellency Mr. CHENG Yonghua
  • June 16th
    [Mozambique] Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Berumiro José Malate
  • June 23rd
    [People’s Republic of China] Renmin University of China Vice President Hui Yang Lin
  • June 27th
    [Kingdom of Bahrain] Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Khalil Hassan
  • July 2nd
    [People’s Republic of China] Chengdu University Vice President KE LING
  • July 9th
    [Kingdom of Lesotho] Richard Ramoeletsi
  • July 15th
    [Bangladesh] Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus
  • July 16th
    [People’s Republic of China] Harbin Normal University President JoAkatsuki-fufuku
  • July 18th
    [Argentina] Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Raul Degen
  • July 21st
    [United States of America] Kennesaw State University faculty
  • July 22nd
    [Germany] Oldenburg University Professor Raipurehito
  • August 4th
    [Russian Federation] Russian Academy of Sciences
  • August 6th
    [South Korea] Changwon University Rector Chan-Gyu Lee
  • August 25th
    [Malaysia] University Malaysia Terengganu Vice Chancellor PROFESSOR EMERITUS DATO’ DR. IBRAHIM KOMOO
  • August 26th
    [People’s Republic of China] Tsinghua University Chrilwang Japan Research Center
  • October 3rd
    [South Korea] Inje University countries undergraduate professors and foreign exchange director Park 載燮
  • October 9th
    [People’s Republic of China] Chinese Embassy Minister Counsellor Bai Gang
  • October 11th
    [People’s Republic of China] People's Foreign Friendship Association Chairman Li Xiaolin
  • October 12th
    [People’s Republic of China] Meilan YoshiKyo troupe plum Mei Baojiu leader
  • October 21st
    [Malaysia] University of Malaya
  • October 23rd
    [Belarusian] Belarusian State University Rector Sergei Aburameika
  • October 25th
    [Republic of Philippines] East University faculty and students
  • October 29th
    [Russian Federation] Tolstoy Memorial Tula education university
  • October 30th
    [Canada] Laval University President Denis Briere
  • November 3rd
    [People’s Republic of China] China International Association delegation
  • November 6th
    [Russian Federation] People’s Friendship University of Russia Director Geni-Marutinenko international ceremony
  • November 12th
    [United States of America] Mary bold UU Inn University Vice President Moen
  • November 14th
    [People’s Republic of China] Chinese national Youth Federation
  • November 14th
    Earth Charter VIERA Secretary General
  • November 17th
    [Republic of South Africa] Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Her Excellency Ms. Mohau PHEKO
  • November 21st
    [Thailand] Panya pitch Watt Management University Rector Manarunsan
  • November 22nd
    [People’s Republic of China] Beijing Language and Culture University Chinese Academy director 曹文
  • December 4th
    [People’s Republic of China] Zhou Enlai Memorial Shaoxing