Distinguished Guests 2015

  • April 2nd
    [Republic of Uzbekistan] Jiefu former Culture and Sports Minister and his wife
  • April 2nd
    [People's Republic of China] Shanghai Amaizumi foreign language middle school principal Liu Guohua
  • April 3rd
    [People's Republic of China] Nanjing University of Science and Technology vice-president 席占穏
  • April 5th
    [People's Republic of China] His Excellency Mr. Cheng Yonghua, Ambassador of Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan
  • April 9th
    [Taiwan] Kenkuni University of Science and Technology chairman 呉聯星
  • April 15th
    [South Korea] Kyungnam University President Park, Jae Kyu
  • April 16th
    [Dominican Republic] Ambassador Hector Paulino DOMINGUEZ Rodriguez
  • April 24th
    [Thailand] Her Royal Highness Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
  • April 25th
    [People's Republic of China] Shanghai Technical University General Secretary 宋宝儒
  • May 4th
    [Republic of Singapore] Shingapore Management University Shanghai Technical University Professor Arnoud De Meyer
  • May 8th
    [Republic of El Salvador] Ambassador Hector Martha Lidia ZELAYANDIA Cisneros
  • May 11th
    [People's Republic of China] Shaanxi Normal University vice-president 蕭正洪
  • May 22nd
    [Sweden] Dr. Michael Nobel
  • May 26th
    [Malaysia] University of Malaya Dr. Wendy
  • May 27th
    [Russian Federation] Russkiy Mir Foundation
  • May 28th
    [People's Republic of China] Foshan Science and Technology Institute Council chairman 曾崢
  • May 29th
    [Kingdom of Belgium] First President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy
  • June 1st
    [Republic of Djibouti] National Congress chairman Mohammed Ali Fumeddo
  • June 5th
    [United Arab Emirates (UAE)] UAE Poet Dr. Ghanem
  • June 10th
    [Republic of Indonesia] Army Academy commander Arif Rahman
  • June 19th
    [India] A prominent Scholar of Gandhian Studies Dr. N. Radhakrishnan
  • June 23rd
    [People's Republic of China] Shaanxi University Assistant to the President 翁培奮
  • June 23rd
    [People's Republic of China] Shaanxi University Assistant to the President 翁培奮
  • June 26th
    [Socialist Republic of Viet Nam] Vietnam’s University of Economics Vice President Nguyen
  • June 29th
    [United Kingdom] UK’s Lancaster University Senior Lecturer Dr. Willem Hollmann
  • July 3rd
    [People's Republic of China] Renmin University of China Associate Professor 張昌玉
  • July 8th
    [Thailand] Thammasat University Dean Dumrong Adunyarittigun
  • July 8th
    [Hong Kong] University of Hong Kong Ms.Lucilla
  • July 16th
    [Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela] Ambassador of Seiko Ishikawa
  • July 17th
    [Kingdom of Norway] Peace Scholar Dr. Sverre Lodgaard
  • July 27th
    [People's Republic of China] Liaoning Normal University Rector Zhu
  • July 27th
    [Federative Republic of Brazil] Professor Carlos Squiera and Associate Professor Luis Gardenal
  • August 1st
    [People's Republic of China] Shandong Agricultural University
  • August 5th
    [Russian Federation] Russkiy Mir Foundation Mr. Georgy Toloraya
  • September 15th
    [People's Republic of China] China’s Hunan University President Zhao Yueyu
  • September 16th
    [Republic of Lithuania] Ambassador of Egidijus Meilūnas
  • September 16th
    [Russian Federation] Russia’s Moscow State Institute of International Relations Professor Sergei Chugrov
  • September 20th
    [South Korea] Kyungnam University General Park Jae
  • September 28th
    [Republic of Poland] Ambassador of Tsuiriru-Kozachefusuki
  • October 12th
    [United States of America] Harvard University Dr. Noor Yeaman
  • October 15th
    [Independent State of Papua New Guinea] Prime Minister O’Neill
  • October 28th
    [People's Republic of China] Central University of Finance Economies Vice President 史建平
  • October 30th
    [People's Republic of China] Xinjiang University chief 李中躍
  • November 2nd
    [Republic of Lithuania] Lithuania’s Ambassador Extraordinary Mr. Egidijus Meilūnas
  • November 2nd
    [People's Republic of China] Shanghai Normal University physical education chief 潘国建
  • November 10th
    [Republic of Ecuador] Ecuador’s ambassador Mr. Leonardo Carrión Eguiguren and prominent painter Ramón Piaguaje
  • November 25th
    [Republic of Philippines] University of the Philippines Manila Professor Josefina Tsuazon
  • December 3rd
    [People's Republic of China] Dalian Japanese Educational and Cultural Exchange Association Vice-president 賈聚林
  • December 7th
    [Nepal] Nepal Photographers' Association Chairman R · K · Manandaru
  • December 11th
    [Oman] Ambassador Khalid Hashil Al-Muslahi
  • December 13th
    [Kingdom of Thailand] Minister of Culture Wira Roth pop Chana rat
  • December 16th
    [People's Republic of China] Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering Deputy secretary 何斌
  • January 19th
    [Kingdom of Denmark’s] Ambassador to Japan Freddy Svane
  • January 22nd
    [People's Republic of China] Liaoning Normal University Former provost Dr.曲慶彪
  • January 22nd
    [India] Bhopal Barkatullah University Vice-Chancellor Murli Dhar Tiwari
  • January 27th
    [Russia]  General Director of the Moscow Kremlin Museums Yelena Gagarina
  • February 1st
    [Republic of Uzbekistan]  Ambassador to Japan Farouk Tursunov
  • February 2nd
    [Indonesia] Board of Trustees Chair Vera Rina Dewi and a party from Indonesia’s Daarul Jannah Islamic School
  • February 22nd
    [Malaysia] University of Science Malaysia Vice-Chancellor Omar Osman