Soka University’s Efforts to Protect Personal Information

At Soka University, the personal information of all students, examinees, guardians, faculty and administrative staffs and authorities will be processed into a database, to be used only for university-related administrative operations. In April 2005, a law was enacted regarding the protection of personal information. Soka University will do its best to observe this law and protect all personal information by following the standard guidelines from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. A new university policy has been enacted entitled, "Soka University Privacy Protection Policy," to take protective measures towards personal information acquirement, management, use, disclosure, and provision. This policy also provides training for all Soka University faculty and staff members, regarding the proper use and protection of personal information. We will continue to review, evaluate, and update all relevant regulations to stay in compliance with current privacy laws.
University Faculty and Staff Members Duties
All current and former Soka University faculty and staff members are not permitted to disclose officially acquired personal information or use it for unjustifiable purposes. Penalties will be incurred to those who violate these regulations.
Personal Information Protection Policy Structure
At Soka University, to manage the safeguarding of personal information , a member of the Board of Trustees will be appointed as the Personal Information Protection Policy General Manager. Furthermore, a Personal Information Protection Policy Administrator will be appointed in each faculty and department. "Soka University Information Management Committee" was established to deliberate important matters concerning the privacy protection policy. Deliberation on appeals will be conducted in this committee.
Purpose of Use of Personal Information
At Soka University, when using personal information to carry out administrative operations for education or research, faculty and staffs must have a specific purpose for usage within those aims.
Acquisition of Personal Information
At Soka University, acquisition of personal information will be held within the scope necessary and fair means for the achievement of this purpose. When acquiring personal information, notification or announcement will be made to the person in question beforehand. As well as when purpose of use has changed, the person in question will be notified.
Accuracy of Personal Data and Safety Control Measures
At Soka University, for administrative purposes, personal information will be maintained accurately and will be kept up-to-date. In addition, necessary measures will be enacted to prevent leakage of personal data, losses and damages. At Soka University, faculty and staff using students' personal information will be trained in the proper methods in handling and protection of personal information. Furthermore, while handling personal data with outside parties, Soka University staff and faculty will take every necessary measure to protect students' personal data.
Restriction of Provision to a Third Party
Soka University faculty and staff will not provide personal data to any third parties without the consent of the person in question. However, an exception may be handled in accordance with laws and regulations.
Sharing Personal Information with Souyu-kai (Soka University Alumni Association)
According to the Act concerning Protection of Personal Information (Law No.57, 2003), Soka University is allowed to share graduate students personal data to the Souyukai (Soka University Alumni Association).

Shared personal data items

  • Name, gender, date of birth, student number at the time of enrollment, address, phone number, place of employment, business phone number, donation history, guardian's name, guardian's address (phone number).

The range of joint users

  • Soka University Educational Corporation and Souyu-kai (Soka University Alumni Association)

Purpose of use

  1. Delivering various information and leaflets of Soka University to Souyu-kai (Alumni Association) members
  2. Communication and cooperation for the university contributions.(posting contribution guidelines etc)
  3. Requesting work search assistance for enrolled students at Soka University.
  4. Soka University/Souyu-kai (Alumni Association) request for cooperating with public relations.(coverage etc)
  5. Operation management of members' database using Soka University's administration system.
  6. Soka University scholarship refund notice.(inquiries on change of address, etc)

Department or names of those responsible for managing the personal data.

  • Soka University: Soka University Educational Corporation Privacy Protection Policy General Manager and each organization's Personal Information Manager
  • Souyu-kai (Soka University Alumni Association): Souyu-kai (Soka University Alumni Association) Office
Information Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use etc.
It is possible to claim to disclose a student's own personal data held by the university. It is also possible to request a correction of personal information held by the university if the content is incorrect. The request to suspend the use of personal information is also possible when there is false content or if information has acquired by false means, or has been used or provided through other purposes. At Soka University, when requests have been received, we will respond promptly and notify the person in question. When requests of disclosure, correction, erasure etc. have not been acted upon for any reasons, the person in question will also be notified.
Delivery of Paper Invoices
  1. If a student:  Student Affairs Office
  2. If a faculty member:  Human Resources Department
  3. Other concerned parties are to submit invoices to the organization managing personal data. Identification is required so please bring your Student ID or Driver's License. Disclosure fees will cost 500 yen. Special measures such as expedited delivery will cost an extra fee.

In case of an appeal, submission will be the same reception counter as above.
Consultation About Personal Information
For further inquiry and consultation, please contact: 
Soka University General Affairs Department
1-236 Tangi-cho, Hachioji City, Tokyo, 192-8577 
TEL 042-691-2215
FAX 042-691-9300