Regarding Soka University’s Smoke-Free Campus

Effective April 2013, Soka University will become a smoke-free institution, banning smoking anywhere on campus, with the intention of protecting the health and lives of all Soka University students, faculty and staff members.

Advancements in medical studies have demonstrated that the damage caused by tobacco smoke to smokers as well as the nearby inhalants of tobacco smoke are more serious than originally imagined. In 2002 the Health Promotion Law was enacted, establishing separate smoking areas in public spaces away from the non-smokers.

During the time spent at university, it is not uncommon for students to be influenced to smoke tobacco products by friends and upperclassmen. As a result, despite knowing how detrimental tobacco smoke is for personal health, students continue to smoke and find it difficult to end such an addictive habit through one’s free will. It is important to create an environment where tobacco smoke will not affect the personal health of individuals on the university campus.

At Soka University, by April 2013, when the 40th class students become 4th year students, all smoking areas will be removed from campus. Within the Soka University campus, surrounded by Hachioji’s rich green environment and clean air, each and every student studying on campus should have consideration to one’s health and that of future students. It will be crucial for students to unite to ensure and spread the success of this movement of creating a smoke-free campus.

Current status of Soka University’s smoke-free campus:
  • Year 2000: Created smoke-free environment at all university indoor areas
  • Year 2008: Limited smoking areas to 11 locations on campus for the prevention of second-hand smoke.
  • Year 2009: University council established a non-smoking study committee (February)

University committee approved the draft outline for the creation of a non-smoking campus. (University Council: October, Executive Board: November)