Social Media Policy

To actively utilize the use of social media, Soka University has decided upon a social media policy. Each official social media account follows specific guidelines and purpose of use.

Purpose of Policy

University staff as well as other stakeholders using these platforms to interact will further strengthen the promotion of Soka University. However, since internet technology allows unlimited number of users to access information at any time, we will follow regulations and take responsibility for posting information.

Guidelines for Participating in Social Media

  • Soka University will not post information that violates Soka University Regulation 10.
  • We will take responsibility for social media contents posted by the university.
  • We understand that information provided on the internet cannot be completely deleted.
  • We will take responsibility for daily work tasks.

Information for Users

  • Please note that all content on social media accounts may not be official announcements. For official announcements, please refer to the official Soka University Website (, as well as press releases.
  • Timeframe and method of use may differ depending on accounts. For more detail on each account, please refer to, List of Official Accounts

Inquiries on Social Media Policy

For inquiry and questions on social media use, please contact Soka University Public Relations Office.