Study Support

Learning Support for Students

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning provides counseling services for an extensive range of learning-related queries and methodologies. These services include refresher courses of high school-level mathematics, remedial programs for report composition and other subjects, along with programs to improve general knowledge and learning skills—many of which offered as extracurricular classes.

Major Services

  • General university-level learning skills, from effective note-taking to basic methods in reviewing a subject
  • Academic issues and concerns, including vocational relevance of current courses
  • Queries on graduate studies and study abroad opportunities Graduation issues and concerns
  • Remedial report composition
  • Information and application for special lectures and campaigns

Teaching Skills Improvement for Instructors

A core principle of Soka education lies in the belief that it is the instructor himself who represents the finest educational environment. Soka University was a pioneer in instituting student evaluations of their instructors in Japan, and has dedicated great effort and resources to the goal of faculty development and to enriching the classroom experience through open classes, workshops and other initiatives.

Major Initiatives

  • Teaching portfolio
  • Faculty Development forums
  • Research and seminars on teaching methodologies
  • Open classes and private consultations on pedagogical practices
  • Off-campus research and training
Basic Guidelines on University Education and Administration
When Soka University was dedicated in 1971, its founder Daisaku Ikeda suggested guidelines for the institution when carrying out its educational and administrative policies. They emphasize student involvement, a focus on student affairs and prioritizing the interests of students above all other concerns.