Faculty of Science and Engineering

Admission Policy

At Faculty of Science and Engineering regardless of the department, respecting the spirit of foundation of Soka University, from the basics of Science and Technology to the practical application of skills acquired at study fields, we create the following human recourses which are required by the society.
  1. Advocating the principals of humanism, people who want to present the sound values of technology required by the society.
  2. Striving for the idea of peace, people who want to be a cosmopolite who contributes for others for the sake of people happiness.
  3. High spirited people, who do not spare hardships tackling sincere studies.

Then, with the aspirations expressed above, we search for the strong will possessing high specialty. To raise talented people who possess high specialty and who will work in a wide range of spheres, our students work hard to obtain various skills and abilities; also, our purpose is to create educational environment which will help to develop individual skills and abilities.

Curriculum Policy

At School of Science and Engineering the grand design of “Creative human being” based on the spirit of foundation is to be realized, we made the purpose of our education to make the science and technology serve for the development and piece of the humanity. For that reason, we complete a 2 year course of Soka core program which is based on human education, and make linguistic skills, culture studies, social studies, knowledge in other spheres, and multidirectional awareness in social problems compulsory to learn. Besides, every department realizes its own distinctively organized curriculum.

Information and Computer Science

information and computer science, curriculum, offers a large a variety of subjects to cover mathematical science area, intelligence information engineering area, a wide range of fields of human support robot area.In Mathematical Sciences area, while based on mathematics, through the study of the relevant information field, you can polish the creativity and logical thinking. The intelligence information engineering area, the basic software technology to support the information society, network, intelligent, you will learn the expertise for technology such as data analysis. In human support robot area, the measurement technology and control engineering is the basis, and wearing the technology that lead to application to the robot involved in human life. Professional compulsory, specialized electives and well-balanced placed in each annual, to a high degree of freedom curriculum, project Studies, case studies, the elements of active learning and problem-solving learning that graduate research was added, and learning in fulfilling environment You are friendly to be able to. In addition, international technical cooperation that can be trained to focus on English, and teachers (math and information) also offers training education program.

Science and Engineering for Sustainable Innovation

At Science and Engineering for Sustainable Innovation Department, respecting the spirit of foundation, through the challenge of Science and Technology Studies, we raise people with high aspirations, who will contribute to the public welfare of human beings. 
  1. We support different intentions and changes of our students, at the specialization introductory subjects and specialization basic subjects; we develop wide multidisciplinary specialized basic skills, and learn the specialty from the second semester of the 2d year.
  2. Project-based learning (PBL) subjects start from the first year, they help to improve individual learning attitude and independent learning will, urged to active learning, we raise power of intention expression and problem solving skills.
  3. Students can choose the field of study according to their interests; we decide the specialized science and technology studies domain according to the 10 required subjects chosen. It is possible to obtain more than one specialty too.
  4. Due to the free choice, students can select subjects which will help them to deepen their knowledge in their specialty or graduation research, for those interested in merged fields, studying other domains is possible too, for example humanities. Moreover, it is possible to acquire technical qualification too.
  5. We have a special educational program (EP) for those students who want to become science teachers in middle school or high school.
  6. We realize international technical cooperation (EPwo) for those students who want to contribute to the international society, offer subjects to acquire international way of thinking, strategically develop classes taught in English. We organize curriculum which allows reaching your future goal in the most effective way, with less than 1 year study abroad, it is possible to graduate in 4 years.

Diploma Policy

Set up lectures, experiments, seminars and all designated courses are arranged according to the educational philosophy of School of Science and Engineering, standard for every course depends on what credits are required to learn for graduation, for those to meet the following requirements, we grant a Bachelor of Arts (Engineering) degree in Information System Engineering Department and a Bachelor of Arts (Science and Technology) degree in Science and Engineering for Sustainable Innovation Department.
  1. Students who acquired knowledge in humanism philosophy according to Soka core program (subject learnt in all departments of the school), generic education, and wide general education, as well as who acquired practical linguistic skills.
  2. Students who developed problem solving skills and decision making skills, as well as communication abilities according to the specialization introductory subjects and specialization practical subjects, cultivating the sense of cooperation and sociality.
  3. Students who acquired specialized knowledge in Science and Technology and Engineering to contribute to the society in academic field of each domain.