Gender and Sexual Diversity Policy at Soka University

All human life has equal dignity, and this dignity must not be violated due to one’s gender identity or sexual orientation. Soka University has established the following Gender and Sexual Diversity Policy based on its founding principles in order to protect human rights and respect every individual's gender identity and sexual orientation.

- The University respects each individual’s self-determined sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
- The University prohibits any discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
- The University will strive to eliminate any challenges that may arise from one’s gender identity and sexual orientation in academic and student life and to implement necessary and rational actions to reduce those challenges.
- The University will strive to promote further understanding of gender and sexual diversity.

Definition of Terms

Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation describes one’s pattern of emotional, romantic, or sexual attraction.


Gender Identity

Gender identity is defined as a personal sense of one’s gender. This is one’s innermost concept of self.


Gender Expression

Gender expression is how a person publicly expresses their gender which can include their appearance and behavior. Gender expression under this policy does not include any expression or acts that would be considered anti-social.

University Initiatives

(1) Consultation Service

The Student Affairs Office and the Student Consultation Room are available for consultation on sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual expression, and other related issues.  Consultation content is considered confidential and will be protected.

(2) Specific Initiatives

- Change of Name and Gender
Students may change their name and gender at the University to better reflect their gender identity upon request. To make the change, students will need to submit a request form, have an informal interview with the Dean of Student Affairs, and submit an application for a change of name and gender together with a medical report and other supporting documents.
If a medical report has not been issued, please consult the Student Affairs Division. Under-age students must obtain consent from a guardian. The University assumes no responsibility for any disadvantages to the person in question caused by the change of name and gender.

- Private Health Checkups
Private health checkups can be conducted during the yearly health checkups.

- Inclusiveness in Class
Efforts will be made to be more inclusive when forming groups and have awareness of appropriate pronouns to use in class.



(3) Handling of Gender Information

The University will handle all gender information with utmost caution to ensure that the information is not disclosed or used except for its intended purpose. Gender information on certificates and other documents will be handled as follows.

Health checkup certificates, request to issue student concession pass, etc.

Diploma, transcript, certificate of graduation or completion, certificate of enrollment, etc.


(4) Multipurpose Toilets

Multipurpose toilets that are accessible and gender-neutral for anyone to use are available on campus.