Undergraduate International Students FAQ

Applying to Soka University
Is it still possible to apply for the Undergraduate Admission for International Students if I have studied at a local school in Japan for few years within my 12 years of education?
It is possible if you: 1. Complete high school at a foreign country and enrolled at a local elementary school, junior high school or high school in Japan within 6 years. 2. Complete high school in Japan and enrolled at a local school in Japan within 3 years.
Which subjects should I choose when selecting the standardized test?
If the subjects are optional, please choose them according to your preferred undergraduate program. English score is required for all faculties and Mathematics is required for Faculty of Science and Engineering.
What are the score requirements for standardized tests and Japanese University Admission for International Students?
Since we will be screening various tests, there is no specific score requirement.
Is there any entrance examination or interview?
There are two types of admission for international students. Admission Type I only requires documents screening, and Admission Type II requires written and oral exams. For Type II, it is required to have N2 certificate of Japanese Language proficiency.
Is English score required?
It is required for the application to the Admission Type I. In case the submission is not available, we will consider the English score on the candidate’s High School Transcript. For applicants of Admission Type II, in case there are the English proficiency scores as stated above, please submit them together with the other documents.
Can I submit expired documents?
No, please submit documents that are before the expiry date. For documents that do not have an expiry date, you could submit them.
Who needs to write the recommendation letter?
Kindly ask the staff or teachers at your high school or at your Japanese Language School.
Is it possible to apply if I do not have 12 years of education?
One of the requirements is “An applicant deemed eligible by the Soka University International Students Screening Committee. ” The committee will consider your application if you submit the documents. It is advised for you to consult the staff at the Office of International Affairs.
Is it possible to apply with the Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates?
Please submit it together with the score for standardized test or The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Student.
What if I could not prepare the documents by the deadline?
Please submit the exam admission slip or other relevant document to proof that you will be sitting for the test. However, please note that we may not be able to accept the score if it is too late hence kindly consult the staff at the Office of International Affairs.
What are the available scholarship?
Fortunately due to the cooperation by many, we are able to provide various scholarship to the international students. For details, please check the link below.
Is the dormitory available?
We provide dormitories for the international students so that they could learn in a safe environment. There are caretakers and Japanese Staff (resident assistants) at the dormitories to support you. For details, please check the link below.
Does the standardized test have to be the one in my own country?
As long as you can take one of the standardized tests, it does not have to be the one from your own country. *For lists of standardized tests, please look at the application.