• Soka University Opens Journalism Center Room


Soka University Opens Journalism Center Room

    On January 7 (Tuesday), the “Journalism Center Room” opened at “COSMOS” located on the seventh floor of Soka University’s Central Tower. This room was established in response to requests from students. At the room, those who are registered at the Journalism Center, which supports students aiming to join the field of media, will conduct study meetings, share information, and provide advice on job interviews.

    At the opening ceremony, which took place on this day, students that aspire to work in media as well as the student who will be accepted at a major newspaper company this spring shared their determination and expressed their happiness for the opening of the center room.

    Lastly, Professor Ryuji Yamada of the Faculty of Law (and the Journalism Center’s director) encouraged everyone, saying: “My heartfelt congratulations on the opening of this ‘new castle’ for those that aspire to work as journalists—the long-awaited base has finally opened its doors. Please fully utilize this room as something that your seniors never had and follow the rules of this room so that you can fully realize your dreams and so that those after you can also follow suit and achieve their goals.”

    Comments from students that participated in the opening ceremony are as follows:
    “We are now able to collect materials that our seniors left for us and can also smoothly carry out study meetings. With appreciation for this amazing new space for conducting activities, I will continue to make efforts to become a journalist, which is my dream.” (Sophomore, Faculty of Law)

    “I am happy that we now have an environment where we can share information with others that have like aspirations and where we can all learn together while mutually providing inspiration. I will exert myself even more in my studies, while always having deep appreciation for all of this.” (Senior, Faculty of International Liberal Arts)

    Journalism Center Room
    Location: Central Tower, 7F, Classroom M701, inside COSMOS
    Hours of operation: Weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Note: Users are limited to those registered at the Journalism Center.