• The closure of facilities and campus (Updated May 1st, 2020)


The closure of facilities and campus (Updated May 1st, 2020)

    In response to the Japanese National Government declaring a “state of emergency”, the campus and facilities (cafeterias included) will be closed. Below will be the time period for all general guests, faculty, staff, and students prohibited from entering the campus.

    【Time period:Thursday, April 9th to Sunday, May 31st】※Originally scheduled to reopen on Wednesday, May 6th
     ※this may change in the future

    Furthermore, because the university staff will split into two teams (working at the university and from home), interchanging throughout the week, as a result, we may not be able to answer phone calls. If you need assistance and/or need to get in contact with university staff, please email or use the university form application for any questions or concerns during this time period, we ask for your kind understanding and cooperation. Thank you.

    If you have any questions or concerns 9 am~ 5 pm (Japan time) for English, please also DM us through the official university social media accounts.