• Soka University’s phased deregulation such as the prohibition of entering campus (May 29th, 2020)


Soka University’s phased deregulation such as the prohibition of entering campus (May 29th, 2020)

    On Monday, May 25th, the National Government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government lifted the state of emergency, but the threat of the 2nd wave of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is still lingering and we cannot underestimate the current situation.
    Even though the state of emergency has been lifted, for the safety of the students and prevention of the spread of COVID-19, Soka University will continue on with online classes for the spring semester as announced before. Therefore, for those staying back in their hometowns, including students in their respective countries, there is no hurry to come back to Hachioji to prepare for classes.

    We are now preparing to gradually reopen the campus facilities according to the safety phase. For the time being, we would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation for the conditions written below.

    If there are any changes or announcements in the coming weeks, we will post the information on the university website and student portal site (PLAS).

    1. Regarding campus access prohibition (for students and public)

    As a principle, access to the campus is prohibited except for authorized personnel. If you would like to enter the campus/facility for inevitable reasons, please contact the department in charge or office to obtain permission in advance.

    The number of administrative staff working in the offices will continue to be a reduced number. There may be times where we may not be able to respond to telephone inquiries. We kindly ask you to please use the email or contact forms as much as possible for inquiries.

    2. Regarding the use of campus facilities (for students)

    Campus facilities will continue to remain closed. Regarding the libraries, we are preparing to reopen the service counters around mid-June. Regarding the use of facilities such as reading rooms in the library, SPACe, and PC classrooms, we are currently preparing to open after taking sufficient measures to prevent the spread of the disease. For example, setting a capacity and time limit of facility usage to avoid confined and crowded spaces and close human contact. Further details will be out toward the beginning of June.

    3. About Research Activities (For Faculty and Students)

    In principle, please continue to conduct research activities at home. Regarding the research activities for students of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, guidelines will be formulated incorporating measures such as to shorten the time of stay and reduce the number of people in the room. It is scheduled to be announced in early-June.

    4. About Extracurricular Activities (For Students)

    In principle, extracurricular activities are to remain prohibited. However, clubs and group departments that received permission due to special circumstances are allowed to conduct activities with the utmost consideration in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

    5. About Student Life (For Students)

    [For those with specific permission to enter the campus, please follow the precautions listed below upon visit.]

    ・Measure your temperature at home on the day of your visit. If you have a fever and/or any symptoms of a cold, please stay at home and rest well.
    ・Wear a mask at all times.
    ・Wash your hands frequently.
    ・Use alcohol sanitizer where provided.
    ・Leave the campus as soon as your appointment/purpose of visit is finished.
    ・In addition, follow any other precautions you received from each department/office when you obtained the permission.

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