• Announcements regarding Soka University Activity Restriction Guidelines


Announcements regarding Soka University Activity Restriction Guidelines

    To prevent the spread of COVID-19 at Soka University, the Soka University Activity Restriction Guidelines has been created as an indicator of activity restrictions on campus.

    The Soka University Activity Restriction Guidelines indicates the current situation of the spread of the disease in 6 levels:
    ・Level 0 (Normal)
    ・Level 1 (Partial restriction)
    ・Level 2 (Small-scale restriction)
    ・Level 3 (Medium-scale restriction)
    ・Level 4 (Large-scale restriction)
    ・Level 5 (Maximum restriction)

    The level will be decided by Soka University by referring to the situation of the spread of the COVID-19 and prevention policies that the National and Tokyo Metropolitan Government sets. For some activity points, we may make an exemption depending on the situation. In that case, we will update the information through the Soka University website and portal site (PLAS).

    The current level and action range for each activity are as follows.

    Soka University Activity Restriction Guidelines (announced on June 3, 2020)

    Level Level 3 (Medium-scale Restriction)
    Research Activities In principle, business trips are prohibited. Participating in or holding of research meetings such as for academic societies are also prohibited, and in principle, research activities are to be conducted at home.

    Only those who receive permission from the university President, Dean of Faculty, or Dean of Graduate School for the purpose of continuing the ongoing experiments and research are allowed to enter the university campus.

    Only a minimal number of people related to the laboratory can enter. Laboratory personnel shall attend to reduce the time spent in the lab.
    Classes Conducted only via online.
    University Related Meetings Face-to-face meetings should be minimal, and online meetings should be held as much as possible.
    Staff Work Schedule While paying the utmost attention to prevent infection, working from home is recommended and staff will be working on campus on alternate days. Face-to-face office counters will be closed, and in principle, all consultation will be done via e-mail or telephone.
    Extra-Curricular Activities In principle, extra-curricular activities are prohibited. However, if approved by the student department or the Executive Director for University Administration due to special circumstances, activities can be held with the utmost measures in preventing the spread of COVID-19.
    Use of Facilities Not available. *For library use, please see the Library Website.
    Entry on Campus for Students, etc. In principle, entry is prohibited. If it is unavoidable for you to enter any facility, you need to receive permission in advance.