• An article written by an alumna and current graduate student of International Peace Studies was published


An article written by an alumna and current graduate student of International Peace Studies was published

    The article of Soka University Graduate School of International Peace Studies (SIPS) alumna Swati Vohra (India) and current graduate student Mandeep Taneja (India), titled “Care and community revalued during the COVID-19 pandemic: A feminist couple perspective,” was published on Gender, Work & Organization, a well-known academic journal.

    The article explores and revalues the changing aspects of care during the COVID-19 pandemic with respect to relationships. The paper, foregrounded on Nel-Nodding's feminist theory of ethics of care, weaves through our narratives during the pandemic to the ideas within the feminist theory of caring-about and caring-for. Examining care theories from an academic lens while keeping it relatable using the three-stage model of – home, community, and self, from the perspectives of a couple and as individuals. Presenting resistance to the traditional gendered notion of care.

    About SIPS
    "We are grateful for the learning experience in SIPS. This opportunity has allowed us to explore innovative approaches to peace, observe situations through creative lenses, and encourages students to appreciate the interconnectedness. SIPS provided us to have a disciplined approach of interlinking theories and ideas to the outer reality. This acquired learning enabled us both who come from a technical background of Engineering to have gainful experience of interdisciplinary learning and academic writing."

    Ms. Swati Vohra
    "I was very excited when the paper was accepted by Gender, Work, and Organization as this is my first ever submission to any journal! The acceptance feedback received from the journal editors was very encouraging, calling it a "thought-provoking" work with a unique perspective. Post publishing, we have received an overwhelming response to the article from academics and friends. This was a great reassurance to continue observing, questioning, and writing. I feel great value and significance to the care ethics theory and community building, especially in the times we are living. I am intrigued to learn and deepen my understanding of the topic, build on it, and present it at conferences."

    Mr. Mandeep Taneja
    "Feeling of satisfaction manifested when our first ever submitted paper was accepted; however, joy was realizing the fulfillment of the desire to contribute to SIPS and Soka University. The feedback from the reviewers gave us confidence in the validity we felt about the topic in our current times and the perspective we placed with our positionality. We intended to record our experience and viewpoint while opening the platform for other academics to explore the concept. As the pandemic situation has continued to advance, so has been our experience. Thus, it gives us further scope to explore the concept and formulate academic literature. I am planning to present it with Swati at conferences and get insights from top academics in the field."