• Change in the Activity Restriction Policy during the spring break under a State of Emergency (Jan. 26, 2021)

2021/01/22 16:39

Change in the Activity Restriction Policy during the spring break under a State of Emergency (Jan. 26, 2021)

    In response to the government's declaration of a state of emergency, the updated level of the Soka University Activity Restriction Policy was announced on Thursday, January 7 regarding the period until the end of classes and the semester examinations on January 25 (Mon). In the update, the level of restriction was set depending on the category of activities (for example, research activities and classes to “Level 2 (Small restriction)") taking into consideration the notice from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology that universities shall ensure learning opportunities and that elementary and junior high schools would not be closed.


    The University will go into spring break starting from January 26 (Tue), however, the number of people infected continues to remain high even after the declaration of a state of emergency, and the number of reports of infections within the people concerned of the university has been increasing since the beginning of this year. In light of the current situation and in order to prevent further spread of the infection at any way possible, we will continue to hold the overall level of activity restrictions to “Level 4 (High restriction)” with a reviewed level setting for each category.

    The current level setting is to be taken into effect until the declaration of a state of emergency is lifted. However, exceptional measures may be taken depending on the situation. In such cases, we will notify you on the University website and the student portal site PLAS as needed.

    The scope of activities for each category is as follows.


    January 26th (Tues) 〜

      Level Scope of Activities
    Classes 3 In principle, classes are conducted online. (In principle, there are no classes during the spring break period)
    Research Activities 3

    In principle, business trips are prohibited. Participating in or holding a research meeting such as an academic conference is prohibited. In principle, research activities are to be conducted at home.


    Only those who obtain permission from the university President, Dean of Faculty, or Dean of Graduate School for the purpose of continuing an ongoing experiment or research are allowed to enter the campus.


    Only a minimal number of persons related to research can enter. Research personnel shall endeavor to reduce the time spent in the laboratory.
    Use of Facilities 3

    Not available.

    *A portion of the library is available for use. Please see the library website for details.

    *The use of Jishukan, Gakushukan, Psychological Counseling Center, Graduate School of Teacher Education Bldg., Faculty of Science and Engineering Bldg., and Faculty of Nursing Bldg. are allowed with a limitation for specific people. The details will be notified by each administrative office on the student portal site PLAS to the people who are subject to the use.
    Entry on Campus for Students, etc. 4 In principle, entry to campus is prohibited.  Should there be any extenuating situation, approval is needed in advance.
    Extracurricular Activities 3 In principle, extra-curricular activities are prohibited. However, if approved by the Student Affairs Office or the Executive Director for University Administration due to special circumstances, activities may be held with the utmost attention to prevent infection.
    University Related Meetings 4 In principle, meetings are conducted online.
    Staff Work Schedule 3 While paying the utmost attention to prevent infection, working from home is recommended and staff will be working on campus alternatively in 2 groups. On campus office counters will be closed, and in principle, all consultation will be done via e-mail or telephone.
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