• Anti-virus, Anti-bacterial Coatings for Desks Used in Classes


Anti-virus, Anti-bacterial Coatings for Desks Used in Classes

    As part of countermeasures against the COVID-19 pandemic, SEIKADOU‐SRW-30 anti-virus and anti-bacterial coatings have been applied at classes on campus. With this product, a strong film is formed on the surface of where the coating is applied, and with non-photocatalytic function, 99% of particular viruses and toxic bacteria that stick to the processed surface will be inactivated within a maximum of five minutes, with the effect lasting three to five years.  


    The performance of SEIKADOU‐SRW-30 used for the coatings has been approved based on the anti-virus standard of the Society of International Sustaining Growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA)*, and the product’s safety in terms of allergic skin reactions has been confirmed via testing at a third-party institution. SEIKADOU‐SRW-30 has been used in many public areas to date, including in trains and buses, at airports, at hospitals, and at nurseries. The application of the coating was done for a safe class environment that is reliably prepared for in-person classes from the new semester.


    Main locations where coatings were applied:

    All desks in each classroom that will be used by undergraduate, graduate, and women’s college students during class, as well as for the lighting fixtures, air conditioning switches, and faculty desks

    All desks at the PC classrooms, cafeteria, library, lounge, student hall, Global Square 2FSPACe, Global Square 1F, Student Counseling Room, Global Square B2F, and the health care center, and all doorknobs, lighting fixtures, and air conditioning switches, etc.

    In addition, desks and chairs at Discovery Hall in Global Square, all seats at the Ikeda Auditorium, and all lockets, etc., in the change rooms at the gymnasium and student center


    * SIAA: Operated based on the guidelines of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, and consisting of manufacturers and testing laboratories, with the goal to disseminate processed products for anti-virus, anti-bacterial measures, and for mold-proofing that is appropriate and reliable