• Class Implementation Policy for Fall Semester 2021


Class Implementation Policy for Fall Semester 2021

    To Undergraduate Students,

     The fall semester of 2021 will start soon. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government's declaration of the state of emergency has been extended until September 12th. The spread of a new novel coronavirus (COVID-19) strain is currently severe, but based on the fact that the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology has notified students of "balancing both securing learning opportunities and prevention measures against COVID-19," the university's activity restriction policy for the fall semester will continue at the current level after thorough consideration.

    【We will continue the current level of all items as listed below】
    • "Classes", "Research Activities", "Entry on Campus for Students, etc.", "Use of Facilities", and "Staff work schedule" are 【Level 1.5 (Partial Restriction)】.
    • "Extracurricular activities" and "University Related Meetings" are 【Level 2 (Small-scale Restriction)】.

     With regards to the implementation policy of classes, we will implement measures to prevent the spread of infection, and for the time being, about 40% of classes will be in-person and accommodate the use of online classes simultaneously. We will closely monitor the changes in the infection situation in the future, and the proportion of in-person classes will change depending on the situation, so please check the university's website and the portal site from time to time.
     Students will generally take classes in person, but for those with an underlying illness, international students who are unable to enter the country, or those with other reasons, may apply for permission to take classes online. In addition, for physical reactions due to vaccination or other side effects, a leave of absence for 2 days from the date of vaccination is required. Additionally, as in the spring semester, students who are absent from in-person classes due to illness such as a high fever will also be treated as an excused absence. For further details, please contact the Academic Affairs Office.
     In addition, if students are in a difficult situation due to economic problems, loneliness, isolation, etc. due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Affairs office, student counseling room, or faculty and staff. (Please refer to the consultation desk below.)

     As a measure to prevent infection of the current Delta variant, the university has taken the following measures to ensure that infection is prevented to operate accident-free classes in the fall semester.
    • We are conducting university vaccinations. We have secured 4,400 vaccinations and provided vaccination opportunities for people related to the university and also for non-university related people. If you are a student and have not yet been vaccinated, we will continue to provide information for Hachioji city vaccination locations and other venues from time to time.
    • PCR testing (including quantitative antigen testing) conducted mainly for dormitory students.
    • From desks in classrooms to elevator buttons, anti-virus and anti-bacterial coatings are used in places where people frequently touch.
    • The ventilation function for most classrooms meets the required standards indicated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and automatic ventilation is always implemented.  On top of that, during classes, please open and close the windows and open and close the door so that you can improve the air quality when necessary.
    • With the cooperation of local agricultural cooperatives, etc., we have distributed vegetables and food products to mainly apartment students who are economically troubled, such as from the loss of part-time jobs. We will continue to do so if necessary.

     From the fall semester onward, the University will do its utmost effort to prevent the spread of infection and will continue to take measures to ensure that students can attend school with peace of mind. In addition, we ask that all faculty members and students act with a high level of awareness to prevent the spread of infection.
     We ask students to pay close attention to infection prevention measures, such as temperature measurement (temperature recording system located in the portal site), disinfection of the hands and fingers, and social distancing to avoid the 3 C’s. In Particular, please avoid high-risk behavior such as talking during meals and staying over at a friend's house.
     Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

     *The class implementation policy for graduate schools will be announced by the Graduate School office on the PLAS portal site. The class implementation policy for the Preparatory Japanese Language Program will be announced via e-mail by the International Affairs Office.

    ○Consultation Desks
    【Regarding Financial Support】
    Student Affairs Office Financial Aid Section (Global Square 1st Floor)
    Contact Number: 042-691-2161
    Email: syougakukin@soka.ac.jp
    *For Graduate School students, please contact the Graduate School Administrative Office, and for international students, please contact the International Affairs Office.

    【Regarding Mental Health Support】
    □Student Consultation Room (Global Square 1st Floor)
    Contact Number: 042-691-8226
    *Online consultations available.

    □Health Consultation (Global Square B1 Floor inside Health Center)
    Contact Number: 042-691-9373
    *Online consultations available.

    【Reference】 (MEXT) Life support for students affected by the new coronavirus