• The 11th Daisaku Ikeda International Philosophy Academic Symposium was held


The 11th Daisaku Ikeda International Philosophy Academic Symposium was held

    As part of the 50th-anniversary project, the “11th Daisaku Ikeda International Philosophy Academic Symposium“ was held from October 23rd to 24th on-campus and online, connecting countries and regions around the world.

    The first symposium was held at Peking University in 2005 with academics from 11 universities participating, and ever since then, various themes around the philosophy of Daisaku Ikeda's ideas have been explored. For this 11th symposium, 80 research papers were submitted from 52 universities and institutions in 10 countries and regions under the theme of "Coexistence of Humankind and Global Citizenship Education." About 350 people, including faculty, students, and researchers from our university, participated in the opening ceremony on October 23rd.

    At the beginning of the meeting, Yasunori Tashiro, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, gave an address and shared a message from Prof. Ikeda, the founder. In addition, two video messages were shown by Dr. Gu Binglin, Former President of the Institute of Advanced Studies, Tsinghua University, China, and Dr. Neelakanta Radhakrishnan, President of the Gandhi Research Association of India. Following this, three keynote speeches were given by Yoshihisa Baba, President of Soka University, Mr. Gaohong, Director of the China-Japan Society, and Jason Goulah, Director of the Daisaku Ikeda Institute of Education at DePaul University. They spoke on the philosophy of human education that fosters ‘global citizens’. 

    From the afternoon of the 23rd to the morning of the 24th, seven Chinese breakout sessions and four English breakout sessions were held online. In the breakout sessions, researchers from various countries presented their papers and lively discussions were held among the participants.