• 48th Soka University & 36th Soka Women’s College Graduation Ceremony


48th Soka University & 36th Soka Women’s College Graduation Ceremony

    On March 18 (Fri), the 48th Soka University and 36th Soka Women’s College graduation ceremonies were held at the Ikeda Memorial Auditorium and Discovery Hall of Global Square, respectively. In accordance with the novel coronavirus infection prevention measures, the guardians attended the graduation ceremony through a video stream.

    At the ceremony, the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Yasunori Tashiro, read the founder’s message. Following, 14 students of the doctoral course were awarded a doctorate, 14 students that completed Law School were awarded a Juris Doctor degree (specialist), 128 students of the master's and doctoral program with a master’s degree, 9 students that completed the Graduate School of Teacher Education with a teaching degree (specialist), 1,708 students from the faculty program and 664 students from the correspondence education program with a bachelor’s degree, as well as 201 junior college students with an associate degree. Also, 16 students were awarded a special course completion certificate, 11 students from the Faculty of Letters, Chinese Language Double Degree Course were awarded a bachelor’s degree from Beijing Language and Culture University, China, and 6 students from the English Language Double Degree Course were awarded a bachelor’s degree from University of Buckingham, United Kingdom.

    Afterward, awards were presented by prominent foreign educational and cultural institutions Soka University has established an exchange with to the following recipients.
    - India Soka Ikeda Women’s College World Friendship Award: Ms. Ayumi Uchida, Ms. Riko Uchi
    - Mahatma Gandhi Youth Peace Award: Mr. Yuji Aoyama (Faculty of Economics), Ms. Rino Nakanishi (Soka Women's College)
    - Lu Xun Youth Literature Award from China’s Shanghai Lu Xun Development Center: Ms. Sena Fujii (Faculty of Economics), Ms. Chisato Takahashi (Faculty of Economics), Ms. Megumi Yasuda (Faculty of Law), Ms. Yuka Aoki (Soka Women's College)

    Also, the Soka University Contribution Award was presented to 18 students, Sports Honor Award to 3, and Marie Curie Award to 15 Junior College students. Further, the Founder’s Award was given to Soka University’s Mr. Daisuke Sasagawa (University of Economics), Ms. Sakura Tagawa (Faculy of International Liberal Arts), and Ms. Haruka Omae (Soka Women’s College).
    Furthermore, India Soka Ikeda Women’s College Chairman Mr. Sethu Kumanan conveyed a celebratory video message at the junior college graduation ceremony, announcing also that the India Soka Ikeda Women’s College Kaneko Ikeda Honorary Award has been newly founded this year, and was presented to Ms. Nao Fujita.

    After a statement of determination was shared by a graduating student, President Yoshihisa Baba’s celebratory address followed. “Despite being faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, you continue to devote yourselves to studies and other activities, spending your days immersed in research and further self-development. Even when senior class students found themselves in a difficult situation, they made a huge contribution to continue supporting the activities of our university while encouraging younger colleagues. Moreover, as the anchor of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Soka University, as well as the leaders for the following 50 years, they excelled in their roles. It is my heartfelt desire that after graduation you would be active as teammates in pursuit of becoming ‘global citizens putting value creation into practice’, regardless of location and the sphere of your activities.
    Also, Dean Mizumoto shared the following thoughts at the junior college graduation ceremony. “The real society might not always be ideal. The paths you will take from now on vary. Despite hardships you may face, bare the Reputable Youth vow in your minds, continuously asking yourself What is real happiness? And walk your paths, where each and every one of you find Virtues of Happiness.”
    On this day, professor Ryutaro Matsushima, professor Tatsuro Sakamoto, professor Haruo Magari, professor Akihiko Nakaizumi, and professor Tatsuo Haya became honorary professors of Soka University.

    In his message, Soka University founder, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, shared the following encouragement: “I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you all on your graduation! Amid the COVID 19 pandemic and many other cha llenges, you have youthfully triumphed over the harsh winter of hardships to proudly arrive at this moment. I hope that you will share this glory you have achieved the diploma you have received today with your families, who have persevered and overcome various challenges alongside you. Your diploma is a testament that you and your loved ones will never be defeated by anything and will flourish victoriously into the future now more than ever, enveloped in the light of learning. As you embark upon the next stage of your mission at work, in your communities and in society I ask that you proudly, vibrantly and resiliently serve as young pillars of wisdom” of Soka, illuminating your surroundings with the light of value creation. Aligning your heart with all those good hearted people who have entrusted their hopes in you, please serve as pioneers of human revolution, taking action from where you are, courageously, sincerely and tenaciously build ing and expand ing the network of global citizens dedicated to peace, culture and education.”