• Welcoming Five Ukrainian Students Accepted from Fall Semester


Welcoming Five Ukrainian Students Accepted from Fall Semester

    Soka University, a participant in the Japan-Ukraine Educational Pathways program sponsored by the foundation Pathways Japan (PJ), has accepted five Ukrainian students for this Fall Semester (September) who wish to continue their studies in Japan during the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. A welcome party and scholarship award ceremony was held on Monday, September 12th in Global Square for three of the five international students who had arrived in Japan.

    These first three international students greeted the audience and said, "I am truly grateful for this opportunity. I hope to become like family to everyone at Soka University." "I've always wanted to come to Japan, so I am happy," and "I am looking forward to studying at Soka University with other international students from all over the world." Chairman Yasunori Tashiro then presented the scholarship certificates, saying, "Soka University has a long history of exchange with Ukraine. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you. Welcome to Soka University." In closing, President Masashi Suzuki encouraged students by saying, "I hope you have many opportunities to talk with your fellow students on our diverse campus and enjoy a fruitful student life here."