• The "Spring Welcome Party for New International Students" was held


The "Spring Welcome Party for New International Students" was held

    The 2023 "Spring Welcome Party for New International Students" was held on April 21st at the New Loire Cafeteria on campus. The 190 exchange students from 36 countries and regions, including Abdul Malik University, University of Kelaniya, Nanyang Technological University, and University of Havana, were welcomed by Chairperson of the Board of Trustees Yasunori Tashiro, President Masashi Suzuki, and faculty members.

    President Suzuki said, "We, the faculty and staff, promise to support you to the best of our ability. I hope that you will study together with international students from all over the world and spread your wings as global citizens."
    Following Chairperson Mr. Tashiro's address, the students said "Kanpai" in the Japanese style, raised their glasses, and engaged in a lively discussion.

    The following comments were received from the international students who participated in the welcome party.
    The generous welcome I received from everyone helped to ease my anxiety about coming to Japan. Although it has only been a month, many Soka University students have been kind to me, and I am living a fulfilling life. I hope to make friends and memories from all over the world during my stay in Japan. (From Sri Lanka)
    The thing that has surprised me the most since I came to Japan is the warmth of the people. This is common to all the students I have come into contact with, and I am truly glad that I came to Soka University. Through contact with Japanese students, I want to learn more about Japanese history and culture as well. (From Jordan)
    Although I cannot speak Japanese, many of my fellow students have helped me. I am impressed by the kindness of students who act not only for themselves but also for others. Also, the educational environment, including the study facilities, is excellent, and I am enjoying every day. (From Ethiopia)
    Everyone gave me a grand welcome, and I feel at ease studying in a home environment. After graduation, I would like to work in Japan. I would like to learn about Japanese culture, history, language, etc., and improve my skills. (From Indonesia)