• The University's response to the Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease after May 8th


The University's response to the Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease after May 8th

     In order to protect the health of students, faculty, and staff, and to continue education, research, and other activities, Soka University has established the "Soka University Guidelines for the Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreaks" (established on September 1st, 2020), which have been revised repeatedly in accordance with social conditions and has called on students, faculty, and staff to take appropriate actions.
     As announced by the government, from May 8th, the change of status of COVID-19 to a Class 5 infectious disease under the Infectious Diseases Act will take place. Along with this, the government's "Basic Policy for Countermeasures against COVID-19" will be abolished, and the university's guidelines for preventing the spread of infection, which stipulate exercising self-restraint from entering the campus for a period of time, will also end.
     In addition, with the enforcement of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Ordinance on May 8th that partially amends the Enforcement Regulations of the School Health and Safety Act, the period of excused absence for students and others affected by COVID-19 will be "up to five days have passed since the start of the infection and one day has passed after the symptoms have stopped."
     Students, faculty, and staff are asked to check the guidelines for medical treatment of COVID-19 announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and strive to take care of their health on a daily basis.

    ------------<Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare guidelines for medical treatment of patients affected by COVID-19 (excerpt from the website>---------
    (1) Period during which it is recommended to refrain from going out
    It is recommended to refrain from going out for 5 days from day 0 of illness onset, and until 24 hours have passed after the fever has subsided and symptoms such as phlegm and sore throat have subsided.
    (2) Consideration for those around you
    Until 10 days have passed, there is a possibility of virus infection, so please wear a non-woven mask and refrain from contact with high-risk people such as the elderly so that you do not pass on the virus to those around you.
    *After May 8th, public health centers will not generally identify you as a "close contact" of a COVID-19 patient.
     In addition, in order to keep track of the infection situation on campus, we ask for your continued cooperation in reporting to the university's Health Center if you are infected with COVID-19.
     In addition, the Academic Affairs Department will send notifications of any public absences by students due to infection. The Human Resources Department will send notifications for matters related to the employment of faculty and staff.
     We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our students, faculty, and staff.