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Soka University Peace Research Institute was established on April 1, 1976, based on one of the three founding principles of Soka University, “Be a fortress for the peace of humankind.” The institute aims to contribute to the establishment of a peaceful society and the betterment of human welfare through study and research regarding problems concerning peace.

In order to achieve the aims mentioned above, the Soka University Peace Research Institute is actively engaged in the promotion of specialized research as an academic research institute along with educational programs and campaigns where outcomes through peace studies can be widely shared and offered to students and citizens.
1976 April 1
Establishment of the Soka University Peace Research Institute. Professor Mataichi Kido was appointed the first Director of the institute.
1976 June 18
Opening Ceremony of Soka University Peace Research Institute
1979 February 20
First publication of the Institute's research journal “Soka University Peace Research”
1980 April 1
Professor Kohachiro Takahashi was appointed the second Director of the
1981 November 26
Co-hosted the academic symposium “Crisis of the Nuclear War and Conditions
for Human Survival”
1982 April 1
Professor Noboru Yamamoto appointed as the third Director of the Institute
1983 July 7
The launch of “Peace Issues Lecture” (Lecture name has changed to “Peace Lecture” from 2001)
1983 September
First publication of the newsletter “Fortress of Peace” (End of publication with newsletter No.8 in 1995)
1984 February
Publication of Report “Safety Assurance Issues in the Pacific Basin and Challenges in Japan” for the Pacific Basin Research Project(The Science Research Promotion Fund from the Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan)
1984 December 2
Organized the International Symposium “Buddhism and Leadership Toward Peace”
1986 April
Publication of “Intellectual Challenge Toward a Peaceful Society ~Choices of the World and Japan~”
1987 April
General Education Course “Modern Crisis and Peace” was started. (From 1992-2013 it was called “Peace and Human Rights”, and from 2014 it was continued under the name “Peace Studies II”)
1988 May 16
Co-hosted the “Pacific Basin Symposium” along with Soka University and some others
1992 April 1
Professor Tadashige Takamura appointed as the fourth Director of the Institute
1994 August
Organized the “Pacific Basin Symposium” (Macao)
1996 March
Organized the “Pacific Basin Symposium” (Manila)
1996 May
Special lecture by Dr. Johan Galtung on Peace Studies
1996 June 8
Organized the symposium “The Genesis of Global Citizens and the Agenda of Peace Studies” to commemorate the 20th anniversary of founding the Peace Research Institute
1997 September
Okinawa Peace Research Program implemented
1998 Carleton University (Canada) Peace Research Program established (continued till 2005)
2000 October
Special Lecture on Peace Studies by Professor Majid Tehranian
2002 July 12
Organized the International Symposium “Dialogue Between Global Citizens and Peacebuilding”
2004 July 2
Organized the International Symposium “The North-East Asian Community: Issues and Prospects”
2005 April 1
Professor Minoru Koide appointed as the fifth Director of the Institute
2007 September 8
Organized a symposium commemorating 50 years since Josei Toda’s “Declaration Calling for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons”
2008 April 1
Professor Hideki Tamai appointed as the sixth Director of the Institute
2009 March 23
Organized the International Symposium “Alliance of the Civilizations: Asia and the Pacific”
2009 May 19
Organized “Commemorative Symposium of the 100th Founding Anniversary of Queen’s University of Belfast and the conferral of Honorary Doctorate upon Dr. Daisaku Ikeda”
2009 November 22
Organized an International Conference “The Power of Dialogue in a Time of Crisis”
2016 May 21
Organized a symposium “Promoting People’s Security in Asia: Creating a safe Korean Peninsula” commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Institute
Staff Members (April 2022 - March 2024)
Director Professor Hideki Tamai (Faculty of Letters)
Staff Professor Hideaki Ishii (Peace Research Institute)

Professor Minoru Koide (School of International Peace Studies)

Professor Satoshi Sasaki (Faculty of Nursing)

Professor Hartmut Lenz (School of International Peace Studies)

Professor Vesselin Ivanov Popovski (School of International Peace Studies)

Professor Nikolas Emmanuel (School of International Peace Studies)

Professor Jonathan Malcolm Luckhurst (School of International Peace Studies)

Associate Professor Kenji Nakayama (Faculty of Law)

Lecturer Sachi Edwards (School of International Peace Studies)