Theme 2 & 3 held a lecture on how to use a crushing-compressing machine

        On 21 October, we invited the president of R-ing Co., Ltd., to Soka University to hold a lecture on the usage and maintenance of a crushing-compressing machine. This machine crushes and compresses the aquatic weed (water hyacinth), separates it into liquid and solid fractions, and uses it effectively for the subsequent methane fermentation process and biochar production.
        Several researchers and students from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Soka University, belonging to Theme 2 (development of nutrient and energy recovery technology) and Theme 3 (development of valuables production system) with short-term trainees from Ethiopia (visiting Japan), Dr. Eshetu Getahun Mulat, an assistant professor at Bahir Dar University, and Mr. Hailemariam Zewudu Achenef, a lecturer at Bahir Dar University, participated in the event. In addition, using the water hyacinth collected on 20 October from Gyoda City in Saitama Prefecture, they experienced the actual treatment of aquatic weeds.
        We are planning to provide the same type of crushing-compressing machine to a research institute on the Ethiopian side.