Theme 4: Professor TAKAGI and Professor SASAKI visited Ethiopia

    From November 4th to 18th in 2022, Professor TAKAGI Isao of Economics and Professor SASAKI Satoshi of Nursing, Soka University, visited Ethiopia. They have launched a nutrition improvement survey for children through distributing food supplements including Spirulina as one of the keys for theme 4 “Business model proposal and social implementation”. 
       On November 11th, they conducted a social demographic survey of parents at two elementary schools in a rural area of ​​Bahir Dar and held an explanatory meeting for parents about the survey. Parents asked some questions like “Why are spirulina buns distributed to only some children?”, but professors explained that success in this project leads future expansion of school lunch system. As a result, parents consented to their children participation in the survey.
       On November 15th, they conducted a baseline survey about the nutritional status of the target children like checking body weight and height. From November 28th, they started distributing spirulina buns to children with the cooperation of local bakeries and elementary school teachers. 
    This investigation will continue to distribute buns until around April 2023 to clarify the nutritional improvement effect of Spirulina.