How to borrow equipments

Facilities you can reserve

■Make reservations at the INFORMATION Counter

Please fill out a request form to reserve. (30-minute increments)
The maximum usage time is 3 hours per day per person. Resevations are
available from 2 weeks in advance. Reservation holders are prioritized.
If there are none, it is available for anyone.
Please be aware that your reservation will be automatically canceled if you are late for 15 minutes of your reservation time.
  • Seminar Room 1~3
  • Booth 1~3
  • Viewing Room
  • "Wa" Japanese Style Room

Facilities that are required to reserve

■Make reservations online using the school portal site PLAS

ーReservations available from 1 week beforeー
  • Chit Chat Club
  • English Forum
ーReservations available from 2 weeks beforeー
  • Speaking Test Preparation Center
  • English Consultation Room
  • Writing Center (English)
  • No reservations are needed for the Japanese Writing Center

Equipments you can borrow

■White Board


Both equipments are available at the INFORMATION counter. Please fill out the request form before using.

Equipments will be lent at a first-come, first-serve basis.


There are many sockets available in SPACe. Please use them when needed.