Let's use SPACe!

This is the main stage of SPACe -invite your friends and enjoy learning together!

From active learing and group discussions in small groups to a presentation to a large audience, the "Learning Arena" can be used in many different ways. The circular design like the Colosseum is an advantageous design to conduct presentations and events. The whiteboard is placed on the 2 walls and a projector is equipped so it is useful for lectures, original presentations and events. Please make use of it with your creative ideas!

Flexible and relaxing learning space

Everyone has their own place where they can feel relaxed. This part of SPACe was designed so that it would become a place where students can gather and feel relaxed.
You can concentrate on your assignments at the talbles in the Peer Learning Zone, or you can have a group discussion at the booth. This place provides space for students to concentrate in their studies or relax.

SPACe will open the doors to a whole new world

The goal of Soka University language studies is "to achieve practical language ability by understanding the culture of countries". SPACe provides the Self-Access Center Programs in the World Language Center is a facility to support students to acheive that goal. There are many events that give opportunities to interact with the international students using English and other languages. The world is waiting for you. The only step left is to open the door!

Supporting your student life -- ask us anything at the help desk!

It is common to have troubles and problems in your language studies and in your daily student life. The supporting staff at the Help Desk will listen to any kind of problems you are facing, give you advice, and help you find a way to solve them. You can come and ask anyting, starting from how to use SPACe to personal consultation.

A quiet environment recommended for self-study

When you want to do research and prepare for group study, prepare materials, and work on your laptop, come use the C Zone. It is the one and only area that is prohibited from speaking within SPACe. The wood-tone desks gives out a comfortable atmosphere and on each desk there are individual desk lamps and sockets. There are also seats where you can see beautiful view of greenery. You will definitely be able to concentrate in this quiet and calm environment.