Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is SPACe ?
SPACe is a facility where faculty, administrative staff, graduate students and international students work together as a team and strongly support students of Soka University to improve their studies. It is also a place where students can use it in any way they can, using their creativitiy with their friends. The joyful feeling of thinking and exchanging opinions. SPACe will provide an extra essence to your learning. Come experience the joy of expanding your possibilities.
02. Who can use SPACe ?
Undergraduate students and graduate students of Soka University.
03.When is it open ?
SPACe itself is open from 9:00~20:30, but each facility has their own schedules.
Open hours on Saturdays are from 9:00-17:00.

■Information・Consultation Counter

INFORMATION 9:00~20:30
HELP DESK 9:00~20:30
WLC Self-Access Center 10:30~18:30

■Self-Study Room

C Zone 9:00~20:30
Self-Study Computer Room 9:00~20:30

■Group Study Area

Learning Arena 9:00~20:30
Peer Learning Zone 9:00~20:30
Booth 1~3 9:00~20:30
Reading Area 9:00~20:30

■WLC Lounge

English Consultation Room 11:45~17:35
Chit Chat Club 10:45~18:05
Global Village 16:35~18:05
English Forum 13:30~18:00

■Private Study Room

iBT Speaking Center 16:30~18:30
Writing Center 15:30~18:00
Viewing Room 9:00~20:30
"Wa" Japanese Style Room 9:00~20:30
SPACe den 9:00~20:30
Writing Center (Japanese) 12:00~19:00
Seminar Room 1~3 9:00~20:30
04. Are reservations needed ?
The facilities available for reservation and are required to reserve are as below.
Facilities available for reservation

Reserve at the Information Counter
Fill out a reservation form. The maximum usage time is 3 hours per day per person.
Reservations are available from 2 weeks before in increments of 30 minutes. Reservation holders are prioritized.
If there are none, it is available for anyone.
  • Seminar Room 1~3
  • Booth 1~3
  • Viewing Room
  • "Wa" Japanese Style Room
Facilities that are required to reserve

Reserve online using the school portal site PLAS
  • iBT Speaking Center
  • Writing Center (no need of reservation for Japanese writing center)
  • Chit Chat Club
  • English Forum
  • English Consultation Room
05. Is eating and drinking allowed ?
We have a NO FOOD policy. Beverages that are bottled or in containers with lids are only allowed.
06.I've forgotten my student ID card….
You cannot enter.
07.Are there any extension cords ?
You can borrow an extension cord at the Information Counter.
08. What is the
This is a rule made so that more students are able to use the C Zone.
If we see that you have left your seat for more than 15 minutes, a staff will move all your personal belongings to another place and make the seat available for other students.
09. How can I tell who the volunteer staff are ?
Volunteer staff will be wearing a navy blue vest that has the SPACe logo with a name tag.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask them.
10. Can I borrow a laptop or a tablet computer ?
You can borrow a laptop for 3hours at one time. When you reserve it, please ask the Information Counter.
11.Can I borrow books from the Reading Area ?
No, books and DVDs are not allowed to be taken out from SPACe.
12. Can I save seats ?
Saving your seat for a short period of time is allowed but it is against the rules to leave your seat for a long time.
13.Are there any lockers ?
Yes, they are located beside the entrance of SPACe.
You can use your IC Card (e.g. Pasmo and Suica) to pay and use the lockers.