Books And Materials / DVD Guide

Books and materials in SPACe/DVD

SPACe is a place to create knowledge. self study, cooperative learning,
There are various books and materials useful for both self studying and cooperative learing.
The books and materials available to be read within SPACe are; reserved books for classes, reference books, language learning materials (Readers, textbooks for language learning, audio-visual materials, textbooks assigned for homework), and books written by the founder.

Readers (Readers)

As a book to support English studies, we offer Readers books such as Oxford readers, Macmillan readers, and Penguin readers.
(Readers are available on the 1F Learning Commons of the Central Library. They are available to be checked out. )

Language study,others

※Language study materials are included
in the "SPACe general" when in search.

The language books are available in English, Chinese, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and more.
And also general books are available

Faculty of International Liberal Arts

English learning books which teachers of the faculty have selected.

NHK'S Language study texts

The language study learning texts are available in English, German, and Italian.

Audio-visual materials

Cultural education realted DVDs and moives (for language study use) are available.

Reference books

References (dictionary, encyclopedia) mainly for language studies are available.

Books assigned for classes

These books are assigned from the professors of the Faculty of Letters. They are essential books for students taking particular classes.
(Central Library offers the same books in SPACe and others as well.)

SRA laboratory series

The English teaching materials for education," SRA laboratory series" are available

Textbooks and materials assigned for homework

English learning books and materials which teachers have selected and assigned.

Founder's Books (Novels written by Founder Daisaku Ikeda)

Books for studying the founder's thoughts and actions are placed here. These books written by the founder, are published in multiple languages in different countries.
SGI related books and materials, dialogue books, speeches, novels, etc. are available.
[b5-1]The founder's books (SGI, dialogues, speeches, etc.) are placed on the bookshelves in the WLC Lounge.