• Soka University Obtains Highest Appraisal “S” in the “Top Global University Project” Interim Appraisal


Soka University Obtains Highest Appraisal “S” in the “Top Global University Project” Interim Appraisal

     The “Top Global University Project” (project term: 2014–2023), sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, which marks its fourth year of supporting universities, conducted an interim appraisal for this year, and Soka University’s engagement obtained its highest appraisal of “S,” out of the five appraisal levels (S to D).

     The “Top Global University Project” aims to improve international competitiveness among universities in Japan and places emphasis on its support of top universities that conduct educational research at an international level and of global universities that lead internationalization through exchange with universities both inside and outside Japan. (A total of 37 universities were selected, with 13 universities in Type A: Top Type and 24 in Type B: Global Traction Type .)
     In the program, “Building a Global Core Center for Humanistic Education – An Educational Program to Foster Global Citizens to Lead the Way to Peace and Sustainable Prosperity,” aiming to foster “Creative Global Citizens” that possess the abilities of “knowledge” and “humanism” and that can creatively develop international society, Soka University has expanded the number of Japanese students being sent abroad and has been accepting more international students. At the same time, Soka University has been improving its educational programs so that they are internationally accepted and is also promoting the globalization of its campus governance.

     In response to the appraisal this time, President Yoshihisa Baba shared the following: “Ever since our university was selected for the Top Global University Project in 2014, faculty, staff, and students shared the objectives and promoted projects through communication and cooperation transcending departments. As a result, we were able to steadily achieve the goals that we set. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation also to the tremendous support provided by the universities with which we have academic exchange agreements and all institutions involved. Aiming toward 2023, the final year of this project, we will continue to promote and create a campus that overflows with diversity and to devote ourselves to fostering creative global citizens that can play an active part in international society.”