• "50 Years of Soka University" Now Available Online

2021/04/02 09:00

"50 Years of Soka University" Now Available Online

    As part of the commemorative publication project of Soka University’s 50th anniversary, a book titled “50 Years of Soka University” was published this year on the founding date of April 2. It was compiled based on testimonials and existing publications to archive and convey the 50 years of the University’s development under the founding spirit of its founder Daisaku Ikeda.

    The introduction of the book was written by the University Founder and is an important guideline for the next 50 years. We would like to deeply study the founder's words and start our journey towards the founding 100th anniversary.


    Chairperson Yasunori Tashiro

    President Yoshihisa Baba
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