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  • 《Cross talk》 FILA × International student

2022/02/28 10:00

《Cross talk》 FILA × International student


FILA 4th year student

Zahid Hammad

Prospective employer: Cornerstone Recruitment Japan K.K.

Hobbies: Soccer, Hiking and Reading Books

Favorite Book: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Favorite Place on Campus: The green, cozy sofas in SPACe

FILA 4th year student

Asha Nayomi Weerawardhana

Prospective employer: Amazon Japan GK

Hobbies: Reading, Watching Netflix series, Playing cricket

Favorite Book: A Passage to Peace by Daisaku Ikeda and Nur Yalman

Favorite Place on Campus: Global Square 12th floor
―Why Faculty of International Liberal Arts(FILA)?

Zahid: The entire FILA program is in English, which is so rare in Japan. Plus, I could also polish my Japanese which proved very helpful during job hunting. I also liked how diverse the students and faculty of FILA were. I could meet so many people from different countries, professors from diverse backgrounds, who were experts in their fields, and I was able to build bonds that I will cherish for life.

Asha: I always want to learn a variety of subjects without limiting myself to one field. Faculty of Liberal Arts gives the opportunity to learn about different fields specially about leadership which other faculties hardly focus on. Having both Japanese and International students learning through English medium and the amazing study abroad program helped me to polish both languages.

―How did you get a job?

Asha: I started the job-hunting process in the middle of 2020. In the beginning, I got rejected by almost all the companies from the initial screening process. After failing, I consulted a couple of seniors and some Japanese friends of FILA for support. In June 2021, I received the first offer from a financial consulting venture firm. At the same time, I was in the process of an American multinational ecommerce company which I was too desperate to work for. I did interview practice each day with my best friend from FILA and searched more about the company and worked extremely hard. At the end of September 2021, I received the offer and my dedication paid me off.

Zahid: I was interested in recruitment and I applied for an internship program at the employment agency during the summer of my 4th year at Soka University. After one week, I got a job offer from my team manager which I eventually accepted.
―How the FILA program helped achieve?

Asha: FILA program benefitted my academic English development. I had no idea of academic writing and professional academic communication before I enroll. The study abroad program to Australia was one of the turning points of my student life. I enjoyed every bit of it and could develop relationships each day and learn about different cultures and explore deeper.
Furthermore, I could gain a deeper knowledge on different humanistic subjects and broaden my knowledge. I elected leadership seminar of Professor Maria Guajardo since I dreamed of becoming an inspirational leader in future. I developed my knowledge as well as my personality thanks to the seminar. This directly supported my job-hunting process as well.

Zahid: I liked how there is so much liberty in FILA. I could pursue my interests and choose subjects based on my future goals. But what I liked most about FILA is that how humanistic education is inculcated in FILA which helped me become a better person. Taking FILA classes, I could see myself growing every day, and that to me was an incredibly enjoyable experience.
I was also blessed to have Maria as my mentor. She has been like a mother to me, supporting and guiding me throughout my time at Soka University.

―What do you want to do after you graduate Soka?

Zahid: I will be working as a recruiter after I graduate from Soka University. I have already stated working there part-time. Every day, I talk with so many people on phone, learning about their careers, and helping them connect with their desired companies. Being a recruiter is a tough job. I am responsible for shaping the careers of so many people. I am responsible for where their food comes from and how their future would look like. Therefore, I want to make every interaction, every conversation count. I want to make sure I do justice to my job, following the values I learnt at Soka University.

Asha: Thankful to Soka University, I achieved my dreams of higher education and could find the opportunity to work for a global giant. Being an ex Soka student, I want to success my career and support people around me. I’m dreaming of becoming an inspirational leader one day to motivate and encourage people. I want to speak up when there is injustice and always become transformational and inclusive to fight equality.

Asha: Life will never give you positive results all the time, becoming persistence and resilient will make you stronger and give you better results. Also, be close to good friends, who will always support during good and bad times and who will push you to the right path.

Zahid: A teacher of mine once told me: live your university life as if you are on fire. To experience everything with relentless curiosity! I took his advice and advise you to do the same. University life is precious. There is so much to learn, new things to explore, and friendships to enjoy. I want you to make the most out of it.
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