Practical Japanese Language Program as part of FILA Curriculum

※The following information applies to international students enrolled in FILA in AY 2024 FALL onward

Practical Japanese Language Program

All international students will learn practical Japanese language skills in this Japanese Language Program* as part of FILA’s formal curriculum. This Japanese program aims to enable students to reach the Japanese language proficiency level at which students can make smooth communication in their campus life and social life in Japan in general. With additional effort and commitment, students may reach the level at which they can seek careers in Japan. Evidence of English proficiency (TOEFL iBT 70 or IELTS 6.0) or higher is required to be eligible to enroll in FILA.

*The FILA Practical Japanese Language Program is primarily designed for non-Japanese natives or beginners of the Japanese language. For those who have already achieved high Japanese language proficiency (e.g. students with Japanese Language Proficiency test level N2 or higher), please contact the FILA Office in advance of application. 

Japanese Courses offered by Japan Studies Center
Semester Credits Khoma * /Hours Total Study Hours Cumulative Study Hours Course Level  
1st Semester 5 5 7.5 112.5 / E0  
2nd Semester 5 5 7.5 112.5 225 E1  
Spring Break
2 15 22.5 45 270 Special Course  
3rd Semester 8 8 12 180 450 E2  
4th Semester 2 2 3 45 495 E3  
5th Semester 2 2 3 45 540 E3/E4  
6th Semester 2 2 3 45 585 E3/E4  
* 1 Khoma is equal to one 90 minute class. Thus, a five Khoma class meets for five 90-minute classes per week.
Sample Schedule (for spring entry)
Semester FILA Other Faculties
Spring E0)General Japanese for Beginners 日本語総合入門 (5 khoma)  
Fall E1)General Japanese I
日本語総合Ⅰ(5 khoma)
E0)General Japanese for Beginners日本語総合入門 (5 khoma)
Spring Break
Japanese Practice for Beginners 日本語演習入門 (1 khoma)
単)Japanese Practice I
日本語演習Ⅰ (1 khoma)
Spring E2)Japanese Practice II
日本語総合Ⅱ(5 khoma)
E2)Japanese Reading II
日本語読解Ⅱ(1 khoma)
E2)Japanese Listening
日本語聴解Ⅱ(1 khoma)
E2)Japanese Grammar
日本語文法Ⅱ(1 Khoma)
E1)General Japanese I
日本語総合Ⅰ(5 khoma)
Fall E3 Elective Courses E2)日本語総合Ⅱ⑤
Spring E3/E4 Elective Courses E2 選択
Fall E3/E4 Elective Courses E3選択

Students who attain TOEFL iBT 90/IELTS 7 (no subscore below 6.5) or higher before the beginning of the 1st or 2nd semester of Year 1 can obtain the credits for the following English language courses. (Application procedures must be completed by deadlines).

Academic Foundations I and II (2+4= 6 credits)
English for Academic Purposes II (2 credits)